Explore five Swimwear focused print and pattern trends for Spring/Summer 2020. 

Skin Deep

Animal prints and skins are a key direction for swimwear this Season. Here, bold mixes of abstract skins and vibrant markings drive this summer trend.

Tropical Brush

Tropical flowers and leaves are applied using arty brush paints to this swimwear trend. Abstract marks and fast brush movements are drawn in vivid colour.

Retro Bloom

Drawing inspiration from the 60s & 70s florals used in vintage sun-loungers. In this trend florals get a modern revamp with varied scale and an injection of retro colour.

Birds of a Feather

Feathered plumes in exotic colours are placed for maximum interest in this dynamic summer trend. A psychedelic twist adds dimension and detailed interest.

On Safari

Safari themed prints and African wax jungle themes are key in this swimwear trend for Spring / Summer 2020.