Patternbank brings you a snapshot of the strongest print designers seen at the recent  New Designers Graduate show.

The Patternbank team once again had the privilege of experiencing this years emerging talent at the New Designers Graduate show.  New Designers is the UK’s most important graduate design exhibition, full of innovation and fresh thinking. Week 1 of the graduate show focused on Textiles and surface pattern design courses and was the ultimate event to spot the next wave of creative talent to hit the industry. New Designers Week 2 is showing until this Sunday if you are in London.

Lousie Powers – @lousurfacepattern

© 2019 Louise Powers
© 2019 Louise Powers

Leeds Art University

Amber Sorayapour – @ambersorayapour

© 2019 Amber Sorayapour
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& Other Stories has recently launched a new pattern heavy collaborative collection with House of Hackney, featuring a range of ready-to-wear items and accessories.  Influenced by works of Virginia Woolf and artists from the Bloomsbury Group, this collection celebrates nature through print & pattern. The collection also takes themed inspiration through the zodiac so you can shop via your star sign! Check out the collection at & Other Stories here.

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Patternbank were excited to explore Orla Kiely’s iconic print archive last week, at the first ever exhibition of her work, products, and patterns. Orla Kiely is one of the UK and Ireland’s most successful designers. Her stylized graphic patterns are innovative, influential and instantly recognisable. With a global audience in thrall to the rhythms and repeats of her designs, this exhibition explores the power of decoration to transform the way we feel. The Exhibition opens from the 25th May – 23rd Sept at London’s Fashion and Textile Museum. The Patternbank team were lucky enough to walk the show with Orla, and ask some questions at the launch event last Wednesday.

In your opinion what makes a timeless textile pattern?

I think something that is well designed, there are lots of different styles and lots of different textiles that are timeless classics in their own right. It’s about the quality of the design work. Also the consideration of colour and not overworking the design.

Your designs take inspiration from the 50s & 60s, as well as Scandinavian modern design. What draws you to this era and design aesthetic?

I grew up in those times (the 60s & 70s) and when you’re a child you are absorbing. Things become comforting or familiar. My family had funny interior quirks. Lots of people say that my designs are comforting and remind them of their childhood. 

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Patternbank are loving the intricate illustrations of Russian artist Sasha Ignatiadou. Now Based in Germany, Sasha draws with a variety of techniques which include acrylic, watercolour, oils and digital art. Sasha explained ‘I choose simple subjects that I fill with complex ornaments and colour combinations.  The theme of Japan and Asia, in general, is very close to me, I like to combine all kinds of ornaments together and to bring to the illustration the echoes of the modern world of Fashion and trends. I am very inspired by the very process of creating an illustration and of course, by the world around me. You have to improve yourself all the time, to become better in each following illustration, but above all, you have to be able to see the beauty of the world.
See more of her work on her Instagram. 

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