Created by curious minds and colour-lovers, Guäva Print Studio specializes in prints and graphics for fashion brands. The studio focuses on urban, high end clients, with a vast selection of highly artistic prints, without losing sight of the commercial factor. Our line caters mostly but not exclusively to contemporary womenswear, menswear, swimwear, activewear and leisurewear. Check out their new Patternbank Online Textile Design Studio Profile Page.


One of the studio’s trademarks, the artworks seamlessly combine analog and digital media. Markers, gouache, hand carved stamps, among other techniques are used to create the elements that are then craftily edited, modified, assembled into bold, fresh and beautiful fashion prints. We try to explore most, if not all the relevant themes and trends for each season, but the staples in our collection, our very heart and soul are our vibrant textures, splattered, distressed, destroyed, scratched abstract artworks, perfect for board shorts and activewear, as well as our florals, ranging from delicate to bold, from ditsy to iconic, from realistic to trippy abstract, from faded and pale to a crazy explosion of colours.

We are very proud to say that our designs integrate the collections of several world-name brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein Performance, Pacsun, Banana Republic, Aéropostale, just to mention a few of our ever growing clients list. The studio is located in the heart of Montreal, a city that is known for its multiculturalism and its bustling cultural scene. As such, inspiration can often be found in our backyard.





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