Artist and designer, Vasare Nar  has kindly agreed to be featured in our Designer Spotlight. We put a few questions to her and  Vasare has shared her experiences and inspirations with us, read on for an insight into her life.

How did you get into designing textiles, did one thing start your career ?

I’m still in the early stages of my career but its all-very motivating to keep going and see where it will take me. I graduated From University of Ulster in 2001 with a BA (hons) Design For Visual. We got to do a variety of projects, but I realized that I was always more about visuals, exploring colors and ways to use more art in my Graphic Design projects. I was always trying to incorporate Fashion, and sometimes even procrastinated in my University Library by reading latest textile print forecast reports. Looking though Vintage Vogue magazines and photocopying the things I Liked the most (our uni had massive collection of magazines and books about fashion and print, as there was Textiles Department). After graduation I just started working on self initiated projects and posting them on my blog, and submitting my work to sites such as society6 , that was a great start for exposure.





Where do you get inspiration for your work? What is inspiring you right now?

I like to Catalogue everything I find interesting, edgy or inspiring. I use Pinterest to collect my inspirations and have a box full of visuals from magazines etc. that I collected over the years from various sources. Visiting new places is really inspiring as well. I’ve recently visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam and came back with many great ideas.  I noticed that people have a big influence on work as well. And of course being surrounded by creative people  so that you can have an interesting conversations about design, its something that will always stay one of my biggest inspirations, positive creative people know how to encourage and inspire each other to do the best work.

Which fashion stores sum up your style?

I would love to see my designs in Urban Outfitters and Topshop stores one day.

What creative objects or design aids can you not live without?

Coffee. My Wacom tablet, and Sharpie markers, love their bold colors!



Which artist or designer do you most admire and what is it about their work you love?

I love designer Maya Hayuk for her bold and colorful style of graphics. And designer Mara Hoffman always amazes me with her creations. I’m constantly searching for fresh new artist to excite my senses, as discovering something new and edgy is always inspiring.



 What would your advice be to textile designers just starting out?

If you want to establish yourself as textile designer it’s all about experimenting loads, working on self initiated projects and sharing your work. Apply for various competitions, pitch your designs. Social networking is really important, create online presence and show your works as much as you can. I get most of my commissions though my blog. ‘Do what you really want to do , think big and follow your dreams. ‘You’re the ad for your own work’. So tell everyone you meet what you do for a living and try to put your talents out there as much as possible.



Thanks Vasare for sharing your insight and advice.

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