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The Patternbank team were at the preview day of the Victoria & Albert’s new exhibition Fashioned from Nature last week. A great new exhibition that looks at how nature has influenced fashion design, textiles, manufacturing and pattern, throughout the last 400 years. Set over 2 floors, the first floor looks back in history and explores the evolution of how nature has impacted fashion. The upper floor is more of a present-day look at how new designers have used nature in the design process. It also showcases the environmental aspects of how designers now are looking at sustainability within fashion. We also picked up the book that accompanies the exhibition which is also worth a purchase here.

William Kilburn(1745-1818)

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Botanical simplicity is at the heart of this collection of paintings by Tasmanian artist Jennifer Tyers. Exploring the landscape and drawing from life help her to capture the essence of her surroundings, “Making landscapes is very interesting, as every time it is a challenge. It somehow seems more ‘pure’ than making works in a studio, or any other kind of work that I have done. Maybe it’s the process, or just being away from everything a studio has in it – books, internet, radio, music, people, objects, stuff I like. You have only yourself, and colours and what you see”. Tyers more recently based in Japan has spent time painting in Singapore’s Botanical Gardens and in Borneo as an artist in residence. See more from the artist here.



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Paris Fashion Week may have been the more subtle of shows but when it came to showing print it was sophisticated and highly wearable. Dries stole the show with his runway of forest moss where the models relaxed in their exotic travelled prints. Forests seem to be a recurring theme from Chalayan’s Orange Trees of North Africa to the more mystical folk and fairytale inspired at Lanvin and Undercover. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week.

Dries Van Noten S/S 15


Pixelated Pattern – Contrasting Boarders – Rich Oriental Carpets – Bright Accents – Bias Stripes – Eclectic Embroidery

Dries Van Noten photos via


Carven S/S 15


60’s Retro Cuts – Pop Art Primary Colour – Simple Formular 1 Graphics – Japanese Landscape Paintings – Hokusai Inspired Prints

Carven photos via


Chalayan S/S 15


Lattice Pattern – Simple Silhouettes – Grid-like Geometrics – Ariel Land Drawings – Tree Illustrations – Moorish and Arab Culture

Chalayan photos via


Christian Wijnants S/S 15


Fine Linear Stripes – Abstract Shapes – Ink Washes – Bias Stripes – Foliage Ink Drawings – Reflective Copper – Simple Petal Textures

Christian Wijnants photos via


Gareth Pugh S/S 15


Folk and Pagan Inspired – Black an White Opticals – Bold Diamonds – Magic and Mystery – Bold Stripes Plays

Gareth Pugh photos via


Lanvin S/S 15


Delicately Painted – Woodland Scenes – Forest Deer – Autumnal Leaves – Opulent Brocades – Offset Imagery – Trailing Branches

Lanvin photos via


Manish Arora S/S 15


Candy Pastels – Kitsch Indian Portraits – Unreal Landscapes – Spacemen and Spaceships – Crafted Sequins and Embroidery

Manish Arora photos via


Undercover S/S 15


Delicate Feathers – Maleficent Headpieces – Fairytales and Folklore – Hieronymus Bosch Garden Prints – Swan Imagery

Undercover photos via


Thanks to all of our friends and followers for all their support in 2013. Here’s to another great year of everything Print, Pattern and Graphics and wishing you all peace and happiness for 2014. We’ve put together our favourite festive tree ideas found on Pinterest, check out Patternbanks Pinterest boards for more inspiration. Have a great one!


DIY Alternative Christmas Tree, Free People Ingrid Jensen, Wood & Wool, 2D Chalk Tree, A Leg Up, Ingrid Jensen, Wood & Wool



Mid Century Christmas Card, pinterest, Homemade Tree via, Tree Decoration,



Christmas Tree, Ballball Christmas Tree – flickr,  Wall Tree via Nicety, Grandpa’s Tree, Dally on flickr



Wreath, Elizabeth Fredko Dime Store Chic, Christmas Tree, charlie3engineer on flickr, Vintage Decoration,, Colourful Christmas Trees,


Erika Pochybova-Johnson creates these intricate paintings in her own unique style using elaborate combinations of brightly coloured dots, shape and lines. Originally from Czechoslovakia Erika now lives and works in Lubbock, Texas. Patternbank love the kaleidoscopic patterns that are created as Erika improvises as she paints using nature and the landscapes around her for inspiration. See more of her work on her website


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The Patternbank team visited Bristol’s Affordable Art Fair at Brunel’s Old Station last weekend. The Affordable Art Fair’s formula is simple, yet unique: a relaxed, inspiring environment and lots of good quality contemporary art. In this post we give a quick snapshot of our favorite finds whilst walking the show. Check the website for more information on exhibiting artists and galleries and dates for other cites the fair is visiting.

Antlers Gallery

Charles EmersonRose Sanderson @ Antlers Gallery


Harlequin Gallery and The Marle Gallery

Clare Schimdt Norris @ Harlequin GalleryEmma Forrester @ The Marle Gallery


Fourwalls Contemporary Art

Myung Nam AnBecky Blair @ Fourwalls Contemporary Art

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Gregory Euclide produces these miniature landscapes with complex detail using graphite, acrylic and ink in traditional landscape painting fused with found plastic bags, foam, pinecones, sage, moss and paper. The elements are encased environments illustrating their vulnerability where words like wilderness, natural and sustainability come to mind. Euclide’s work is on show at the Martha Otero Gallery, Los Angeles, CA until 11th May 2013, definitely worth a visit if your in town. The black and white paintings also featured here were produced by Euclide while he taught at Minnesota River Valley School. Using Japanese Sumi ink, whiteboard erasers, paper towels, spray bottles, brushes and any other objects he could find lying around in the classroom, he would create directly onto whiteboards only to casually erase them away at the end of the day. The students were so affected when he erased the beautiful creations that Euclide decided to release a series of prints of the temporary ink designs. “In our culture, there is a strong emphasis on reproduction and the original seems less important,” says Euclide.  Euclide relates this concept to societyʼs impact on the natural world by stating, “When people get to know nature and spend time in it, they start to realize how their actions affect it.”


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Patternbank brings you our second print trend highlight report on Milan’s recent Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Fashion Shows. In this second instalment we have again selected designers showing key print trends for Autumn/Winter 2013/14. Watch out for the up and coming Paris Shows which we will also be covering here at Patternbank.

Marni A/W 2013/14

Panoramic Forest Scenes – Simple Drawn Outlines – Textured Bark Markings – Worn and Cracked Surfaces – Weird and Wonderful Illustrative Drawings – Monochromatic Colour

Marni photos via

MSGM A/W 2013/14

Spliced Floral Prints – Florals Interwoven with Stripes – Vibrant Blooms – Florals Revealed – Mono-print Styles – Stencilled and Cut-out Looks – Intense Rich Backgrounds

MSGM photos via

Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2013/14

Mosaic Pictorial Prints – Fresco Inspirations – Over-scaled Imagery – Bejewelled Craftsmanship – Venetian and Byzantine References – Art Canvas Inspired Designs

Dolce & Gabbana photos via

Emilio Pucci A/W 2013/14

Rocco and Swirling Pattern – Solid Background Colour – Feathered and Fringed – 60’s Silhouettes – Stylish Art Deco Details – Abstract Patterns – 1960’s Otto Print Revisited

Emilio Pucci photos via

Marco De Vincenzo A/W 2013/14

Sculptured Shearing’s – Marbled Print Effects – Rock Textures – New Dimensions – Stone and Marble Interpretations – Optical and Structured Pleats – Origami Foldings

Marco De Vincenzo photos via

Blumarine A/W 2013/14

Floral Bouquets – All-over Print Layouts – Hand Painted Rose Prints – Solid Stripe Backgrounds – Soft Hues – Spriggy and Spring-like Florals – Scattered Layouts

Blumarine photos via

Iceberg A/W 2013/14

Quirky and Colourful Characters – Strict Linear Regularity – Psychedelic Acid Swirls – Precision and Optical Illusions – Heavy Embellishments – Minimal Black & White

Iceberg photos via

Bryan Nash Gill’s strikingly beautiful prints reveal the true complexity of nature through the growth patterns of tree trunks. Gill cuts massive cross-sections of tree trunks, meticulously inks the surface and then transfers the ink on to handmade paper revealing these beautiful prints. For more of Gill’s captivating studies of nature including abstract sculptures, works on paper, and installations check out 


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With brave new worlds and tropical wonderlands, two key trends coming through for Spring/Summer 2014, Patternbank wanted to share the amazing work of Russian graphic artist Tatiana Plakhova. Her complex and mesmerizing digital paintings trace natural floral forms and biological studies in intense mathematic linear state. Check out her portfolio site for a glimpse into her science fiction-like botanical garden

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Sometimes when something is simple the impact is that much stronger and striking. Leanne Shapton’s patterns are a great example of this. Leanne is a super talented illustrator, author and publisher based in New York City and co-founded J&L Books with photographer Jason Fulford. She published The Native Trees of Canada with Drawn & Quarterly in November 2010, a delightful rendering of deciduous and coniferous life with 84 illustrations in the replica sketchbook. Leanne has also contributed to a regular column in The New York Times Style Magazine’s blog – The Moment and has posted an illustrated series titled “A Month of….” to The New York Times opinion page website. Check out her website for an abundance of talent.


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