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Patternbank are loving the work of Husmann/Tschaeni (Michael Husmann Tschaeni & Mira Tschaeni)- an artist couple that are based in Switzerland and both studied at the College of Art in Lucerne. They have exhibited between New Delhi, Los Angeles and Melbourne. They work backward, painting in layers on the reverse of acrylic glass, using different materials, such as enamel, oil colour, watercolour, crayon, glitter, and spray. It is like if two completely different, somewhat incompatible picture languages collided when they started working together. But somehow they manage to create pictures, stories, and installations together, without having to change their own individual styles. Enjoy more of their work here & on their Instagram.

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Mexican textile artist Victoria Villasana, creates colourful embroidered patterns, over vintage photographs of artists, musicians and icons of present and past. Highlighting garment details and facial features, Villasana brings the images to life, with a modern twist and somewhat surreal quality. For more of her colourful transformations, check out her Instagram feed and

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Patternbank are loving the work of artist Minwoo Sung where the artist defines her subject by covering it in a natural camouflage of delicate foliage. Each painting shows the fragility of the human figure and at the same time captures a sensitivity whereby what lies beneath our outer layers is a beauty far deeper. Patternbank love the way she has used the veins in the leaves like veins in the human body connecting and travelling around the image. The solid black backgrounds make a stark contrast to this with the use of intense colours of blue, red and pink. Check out more of her sensual work at



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Patternbank love the bold illustrations by Edinburgh artist Dominic Kesterton, born and raised in York, Kesterton is a natural storyteller putting pen to paper with some wild imagination. Instantly recognisable Kesterton’s illustrations are bold and bright where line moves freely making plant filled worlds with amusing shapes. Kesterton’s projects include work for clients: Converse, Lazy Oaf, Nowbrow, Peckam Print Studio, Creative Edinburgh, Novation, Illustrated Mind, Harvest Skate Co and Outside Apparel. He also runs a risograph printing service and sell T-shirts independently through his online shop Half Joyed. Check out more of his work on his tumblr and instagram account.



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Maxim Santalov - Russian Abstraction 001

Maxim started drawing after school in Moscow while waiting for his grandmother to finish work in the hairdressers, he created small intricate artworks on the magazine covers. This developed into a daily ritual and a serious passion. The No Man’s Art Gallery in Amsterdam picked up on Maxim’s work and organised for him to come over to Amsterdam and work in their gallery for a month. You can find more of Santalov’s amazing work over on the No Man’s Art Gallery site.

Maxim Santalov - Russian Abstraction 002


Maxim Santalov - Russian Abstraction 003

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Patternbank returned again this year to sample the latest injection of Uk based Printmakers and Graphic artists, and a growing selection of global talent, exhibiting at last weeks Pick Me Up . This years festival was held at Somerset House, London and ran for 11 days between 24th April and 4th May. Pick Me Up has become the UK’s best contemporary graphic art fair and now in it’s sixth year the show has become a great place to spot new and upcoming talent. Seminars with guest speakers and printmaking workshops make this an unmissable event with original artworks and prints available to purchase. If you missed out this year we’ve put together a selection of exhibitors for you to peruse at your convenience.




French graphic designer Laura Jouan is now based in London since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2014. For Pick Me Up, Laura was exhibiting her project Layering Layers, Layering Content, which investigates poster formats. See more work from the artist here.


Moth are a London based animation collective comprising of David Prosser, Daniel Chester and Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2010, the designers began to collaborate on projects and explored a shared love for all things drawn. Moth have produced work for clients such as WWF and  Global Canopy Programme. See more of their captivating animation here.

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The Patternbank team are loving the creative and unique style of Los Angeles based artist Amir H. Fallah. We admire how Amir intermixes modern technology — digital cameras, and Photoshop in his creative process when building his large scale paintings. Through playing and adjusting colours on his computer, Amir injects new fresh interpretations to his pattern rich artworks. Check out more of his recent work on his site or check out his art and design blog (one of our favourites)



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Here we have the amazing illustration work of Andrew Archer who was born in New Zealand and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. As can be seen in his work he is inspired by surrealism, juxtapositions and sublime narratives but more specifically wood block prints, edo period art, cartoons, ideograms, characterization, travel and Asia. He’s in high demand and worked with clients such as Nike, WIRED, ESPN, The Economist , MOJO, Red Bull and Playboy to mention just a few. For more incredible work check out his website and Tumblr.


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We’re loving this group of photographs by Arno De Pooter entitled ‘Bleach’. We assume the name comes from the beautiful bleached out look that they have – delicate and subtle colours run through the photographs often with a highlight of green or red and pink. A stark and serene otherworldliness pervades the air of Arno’s ‘Bleach’ world. For more of his great work visit his site on Cargo.


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This clashing series of intricately composed and collaged photographs are the work of New Yorker Daniel Gordon. Captured in his studio on large format film, these highly patterned still life set ups are built using props from shrink wrapped and artificially coloured fruit to abstract looking plants, with backdrops of hand cut collage and strategically placed photographic imagery. The overall effect pokes fun at the historical cliché of the traditional still life and injects a spark of modernism into the familiar. See more from Daniel’s portfolio here.



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The Patternbank team are loving Irish street artist Maser work. Since 1995 Maser has been using the world as his canvas. Masers incredible 3D installation paintings are a combination of optical art and colourful geometric pattern plays. Masers most recent installation was part of the Las Vegas Life is Beautiful Festival, where he converted a deserted motel into a geometric world of colour – amazing stuff!



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On close inspection these other worldly landscapes by artist Kate Shaw appear as a collaged mass of vivid marbling and ombre grounds, but with perspective the magic of her technique is revealed. Her lava like mixes of contrasting colours form mountains and the shaded grounds become fiery sunsets, the effect is mesmerising. Find out more about Kate and check out the rest of her work here.



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London based illustrator and pattern designer Fay Huo draws her inspiration from her childhood and philosophy. Her dreamlike imaginary worlds invite the viewer to explore her creative imagination and discover the hidden detail within these fascinating and surreal images. Fay has worked as graphic designer and illustrator for companies in Hong Kong, Bulgaria and in the U.K. and her work was chosen to show in the MTV Young Art Exhibition and the D&AD New Blood 2013. See more from Fay’s website here.





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The Patternbank Team thought we would share the work of Mark Whalen, Australian born artist who is currently showing at the Melbourne Art Fair with blackartprojects. Based in Los Angeles, Whalen’s work depicts outer-space environments using geometric perspective, illustrating rituals and ancient cultures with strange characters that dance, contort and interact in unusual ways. Check out more of his work including beautiful ceramics at

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The patternbank Team thought we would share the installation work of Cameron Gray which exhibited back in 2013 at the Miami Art Fair, presented by the Mike Wiess Gallery, Gray exhibited “Birth of a Legend”, an explosive riot of neon colour, state-of-the-art digital technology and hypnotic kitsch. The installation featured 27 stacked monitors looping a digital animation amongst other sculptures made of unrelated bric-a-brac and bursting with colour. Make of it what you will but we just love the sense of humour and chaos that collide to make these mind blowing images.


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The Patternbank team love these exciting illustrated explorations by Kansas City based artist Micah Lidberg. His work takes inspiration from his love of travel and the beautiful wonders of nature. Micah illustrations have a surreal and other worldly look to them with use of strong colour  and bizarre pattern plays. Check out more of his work on his portfolio site Micah Lidberg.



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Be inspired by our next round up of the Menswear Collections for Spring/Summer 15 at the Paris catwalk shows. Patternbank have edited the key print looks for this season which showed strong bold pattern mixing from geometric brights and muted brush marks to Ikat ethnics and whimsical animals.

Comme des Garçons Shirt S/S 15


Bold Geometrics – Optical Pattern – Kaleidoscopic Print Mixes – Patched Gingham & Retro Floral – Polka Dots – Clashing Brights – Psychedelic movement – Fractured Geometrics

Comme des Garçons Shirt photos via

Yohji Yamamoto S/S 15


Kaleidoscopic Pattern – Muted Colour Pallet – Inky Brush Marks – Folds and Highlights – Simplistic Mandala – Dry Brush Work – Indonesian Textiles – Over Printed Pattern – Textured Backgrounds

Yohji Yamamoto photos via

Raf Simons S/S 15


Japanese Landscape Prints – Bold Graphic Pattern – Over-scaled Imagery – Hokusai Paintings – Photographic Placements – Graphic Florals – Wave Prints – Checker Board Collage

Raf Simons photos via

Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 15


Illustrated Landscape – Ethnic and Stripe Mix – Ikat and Foulard Pattern Pieces – Over Dyed Check – Ombré Dye Techniques – Oversized Patched Denim – Abstract Camouflage Pattern

Marc by Marc Jacobs photos via

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There’s a sensual pre-Raphaelite quality to the work of Canadian artist Zachari Logan. In some of his current projects such as Wild Man and Eunuch Tapestries his drawings depict a romantic metamorphosis between man and nature. These beautifully executed studies of flora & fauna seem to grow organically from the human form, typically the the subject being artists self portrait. Take a more detailed peek at Logan’s captivating work  here.



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