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Patternbank are loving the work of Husmann/Tschaeni (Michael Husmann Tschaeni & Mira Tschaeni)- an artist couple that are based in Switzerland and both studied at the College of Art in Lucerne. They have exhibited between New Delhi, Los Angeles and Melbourne. They work backward, painting in layers on the reverse of acrylic glass, using different materials, such as enamel, oil colour, watercolour, crayon, glitter, and spray. It is like if two completely different, somewhat incompatible picture languages collided when they started working together. But somehow they manage to create pictures, stories, and installations together, without having to change their own individual styles. Enjoy more of their work here & on their Instagram.

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Patternbank are excited to introduce our latest print trend tool that focuses on the kids & stationery market for SS18. Our Childrenswear trends team and our giftware experts have been researching and analysing the world of design, art and pattern to create this essential print & graphic trend report. With over 30 pages of inspirational mood, colour, print and graphic trend intelligence, this Spring/Summer trend forecast report aims to assist and inspire with all your new season developments and stationery products.

  • 5 Print trend stories: Electric Jungle / Orbital / Geo Dazzle /Ethnic Spirit / Oriental Creatures

  • Each trend theme is broken down into mood, print direction, graphic direction & colour

  • Over 30 pages of inspirational print forecast intelligence

  • Over 50 directional hand-picked images

  • Colour palette breakdowns with Pantone TCX references

This report covers a broad spectrum of the season’s hottest pattern & graphic trends, and with 5 main trends, complete with Pantone® TCX references we are confident this wealth of choice and inspiration will provide a foundation in your creative developments for SS18.


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Not for the faint hearted, these mind warping art statements are the work of Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone. His work is a mix of graffiti, graphic pattern, kinetic art and visual abstraction. Now based in Valencia, Spain Felipe creates street art with a unique graphic look. Clashing colours, optical pattern plays and 80s edged gradients are explored to stunning effect. See more of his work at

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The Patternbank team are loving street artist Pastel Fd, a painter and architect, working in Buenos Aires. Pastel uses the urban landscape and unloved derelict builds as creative canvas. Pastel Fd explains: “Far away of conventional architecture, I understand work on the street as a urban acupuncture. Modern cities are full of “Non-places” because of irregular and not inclusive masterplanning. So paintings can be a kickstart for those places, working on the local identity and not being another tool of social gentrification. I try to base my work on experiences. Considering the space where I get to create my work, it may be a city, a rural space, an open space or a closed space. At first trying to understand the conditions that the environment offers and not to impose an already established concept for the space. Working with symbolism like arrowheads and flora, the pieces begin a dialogue about the nature of man and his surroundings. The existential, real, pure and tragic, almost forgotten in modern society.” See more of his amazing urban transformations on his portfolio site.

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We love the energy and vibrant colour plays of Jason Woodside’s visual art statements. Woodside is a New York based painter and attended the school of visual arts in NYC. Mixing bands of kaleidoscope pattern within geometric structures give Woodside’s work its unique edge. We recently saw his work at Paris store Colette, where you are able to buy his art. Woodside has an impressive list of brands he has already collaborated with, these include Michel Roux, Obey, Von Zipper, Adidas and Saturdays Surf to name a few. See more of Jason work on his portfolio site



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Original design couldn’t get more unique than the Tel-Aviv based Ariel Zuckerman Studio and their Street Capture project. Street Art is literally captured by attaching wooden boards to the walls of the streets creating a blank canvas for street artists to work on. The graffiti decorated boards are then taken to the workshop and one off pieces of furniture are created. Read more about the innovator Ariel Zuckerman here.



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The Patternbank team recently spotted these analogue inspired artworks from artist WorkByKnight. Patternbank featured some of WorkByKnight’s stunning work a couple of years back and we were excited to see his new creations that delve back into the 80’s. Australian based artist WBK has collected and assembled found keyboard buttons from calculators, computers, phones and typewriters to create some iconic old school 80’s electronics. Find more of his amazing work on his site here.



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Patternbank stumbled across these fantastic patterns whilst sifting through the wonder to be found on tumblr, which by the way Robert Nendza who created these works has a fantastic feed, check out here. Nendza began making abstract art on computers in the mid 80’s and refers to himself as an artist and musician who works in technology and marketing. The composition, form, line, pattern and colour found in his work has a quality that echoes that seen in graffiti and urban street art which we just love, you can see more of his creations at


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The Patternbank team stumbled upon these amazing images from the aptly named Rainbow Village in Taiwan. These colourful graffiti covered houses are a collection of small houses that were given to war veterans as gratitude of their services. One veteran named Grandpa Huang has used his free time and pension to buy paint. Through the years this small collection of house have been transformed into a array of colour, pattern and graphic doodles. The sad news is that even though a people led petition has been set up but the days are numbered for this refreshingly colourful village.



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Spring has sprung in NYC with the 2014 edition of the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt. This year the event is showcasing some of NYC’s most renowned street artists and Tattooists together with their global counterparts within ‘The Street Art Collection’ and Artists such as Jeff Koons and Tracy Emin exhibit their creations alongside fashion designers, photographers, and other inspirational creatives. Check out more of the eggy exhibits, and ponder the possibility of owning one of these unique masterpieces here.



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New wave pop art clashes with the urban landscape in these colourful artworks of Tristan Eaton. Based in Los Angeles Eaton career path includes graffiti artist, painter, illustrator, skater and toy designer. His work mixes many art techniques to create unique and bold modern day pop art statements. Easton’s early graffiti roots took him into toy design which lead him to be involved in the creation of KidRobot. Eaton quotes that his goal is to bring art to people who wouldn’t ordinarily have access. His company Thunderdog studios has already collaborated with an impressive selection of brands including Disney, Puma, Dell and Google.



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Zio Ziegler is a champion when it comes to the mesmerising patterns that feature so prominently in his work. Patternbank just love the naiveté and primitive aspect to Ziegler’s work where tribal references, symbols and graffiti are a big influence. Ziegler is very prolific too where; aside from the murals and the work he creates in his studio in San Francisco, he has a small clothing company; Arte Sempre producing T-shirts, sweatshirts, swimsuits and bags and Weekend Swop; a community marketplace for outdoor gear. It looks like there is no stopping him.


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The Patternbank were in awe at the jaw dropping work of internationally renowned graphic designer and creative director Johnathan Zawada. Sydney based Zawada is a heavyweight within the industry and has collaborated with a list of impressive clients.(Ksubi, Surface to Air, Coca Cola, Semi Permanent and BMW to name a few) We love his diversity of style and visual aesthetic which makes his work stand out. Mixing photographic elements with abstract objects gives depth and real visual excitement to his work. Enjoy more of Zawada’s amazing artworks and collaborations on his portfolio site.



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Alex Brewer or Hense as he is known in the graffiti world has caught Patternbank’s eye this week with his talent for wrapping buildings in his distinctive manic marks, scribbles, drips and splashes. Hense began his career painting and writing in and around Atlanta where he skilfully combines the language and techniques of graffiti art with the formal language of abstract painting. Immediately thoughts of the great abstract expressionists spring to mind like Jackson Pollock, Franze Kline and Willem de Kooning. This seems apt as designers such as Celine, Chanel and Prada have more than their fair share of art inspired pieces on the catwalk for SS14. Check out more of Hense’s fine art offerings on the street at


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Russian urban artist Wais 1 hit the streets of Russia to create these epic murals. His vibrant geometric masterpieces transform the urban skyline adding elegance and appeal to these multi story monstrosities. His graffiti art spans the globe and his work has broken into the commercial arena as well as digital art and canvas. Check out Wais in action with the TAD crew on Youtube and see more from his portfolio here.



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Askew One is riding high on a wave of success with exhibitions and Street Art festivals popping up all over. The Tate Gallery in Sydney recently hosted his first Australian solo exhibition of paintings, with ‘Hit the Bricks’ Street art festival and ‘Wonderwalls Festival‘ both featuring his giant murals all in the space of November. The self taught graphic designer was born in New Zealand and keeps busy illustrating, photographing, directing and editing music videos when he’s not painting walls. If you happen to be in Christchurch, NZ from 7th – 14th Dec  a new local public art project ‘From The Ground Up‘ will be featuring Askew One along side a great line up of other artists. Check out more from him here.



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Nuria Mora’s work has a beautiful delicate touch which is often juxtaposed with the fact that she often exhibits her work in busy urban settings. Her work encourages passers by to slow down and appreciate the space around them which is always a good thing. Check out more of her multi-disciplined talents on her website.


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Born in Milan and raised in Tuscany, Moneyless’ art is characterized by an investigation on the rawest elements of life and takes for granted a process of continuous evolution. He owes his graphical mark to the street, where he was born as an artist and where he grounded his roots in the ’90s graffiti/writing scene. “I wanted to undress the letters from the alphabetical presence” he says – then Teo started focusing on the pureness of the shape, the pregnancy of geometry in the fundamentals of life, gradually taking distance from walls and lettering – “My efforts then dropped the symbolic meaning of the letter”. To see more of Moneyless’ unique talents see his website and Flickr page.


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Patternbank love the lively and frenzied brushstrokes used in JonOne’s immense canvases. John Perello or JonOne as he is known on the streets of Harlem where he grew up and where graffiti and tags were part of everyday life, now limits his work to canvas. Although JonOne’s work is still on the scale found on the streets of New York. Elements of Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet and Henri Matisse can be seen amidst the colourful urban jungle that make up his style. Check out more of his colourful side of life at


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