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The Patternbank team are once again loving Lisa Krannichfeld’s mixed media artworks that incorporate watercolour and intense pattern plays. We featured Lisa back in 2015 but spotted some of her powerful new work recently.
Lisa was born and raised in Little Rock, AR in an interesting cultural mix of a Chinese family living in the American South. Her experiences growing up in these two intermixing cultures and their traditions have greatly influenced her work, which primarily focuses on the woman as its subject. Her expressive portraits refute the traditional portrayal of women being passive subjects to gaze upon, evident in their disinterested, and at times defiant expressions. Breaking traditions further, Lisa often uses traditional Chinese ink and watercolour materials in a nontraditional uncontrolled, free-flowing way often mixed with unconventional materials. See more of her stunning work on her website or check out her work at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles March 15-18.

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Growing up in Little Rock, AR, Lisa Krannichfeld experienced an eclectic mix of both South American and Chinese cultures. This has influenced her style where she combines traditional Chinese ink and watercolours but applies them in a contemporary, less controlled way. Her subjects being primarily women, Lisa’s soft and watery use of ink gives her portraits movement and expression. With the added dimension of bold oriental patterns in each of her paintings, this contrast of styles highlights their etherial femininity. See more here.



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Florence based artist Noumeda Carbone, has a portfolio spanning the the world of fashion, street art, illustration, sculpture and painting. With the use of ink, pigment liner and felt tip pen, she skilfully creates images with a dark gritty sophistication with many illustrations being richly patterned with painstaking detail and surprising graphic touches. Noumeda has created work for publications such as Vogue, Glamour and Rolling Stone Magazine and a hoard of other high profile collaborations and prestigious awards are crammed into her impressive CV. See more here.



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Patternbank loves this selection of artworks by digital artist Steve Kim. These colourful glitch twisted illustrations have been astounding us for the last year or so. Some of these romantic looking portraits were amazingly inspired by Tumblr users. Mixing sharp geometric angles against contrasting hyper-bright colours gives Steve Kim’s work its unique and eye catching look. Kim is obsessed by technology and interaction between beauty and digital form so is always close component in his work. If you are in London this month check out Lilk Gallery Art Studio where Steve Kim’s work is on display.



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Takahiro Kimura collages are unique portrayals of the fragility of the human soul. Through colour, pattern, texture and a certain amount of distortion his subjects come to life showing the complicated nature of the human spirit. Kimura’s collages are made by cutting up photos which are then rearranged and worked into with intense colour and detail. Patternbank loved looking through his variety of work at


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Carne Griffiths’ produces these evocative artworks using calligraphy ink, graphite and liquids, such as tea brandy, vodka and whisky. His fascination of the flow of line and the invisible lines that connect us to the natural world, take part in his work through exploration of both human and floral forms, figuratively and in an abstract sense. You can really feel an energy in his work where all physical boundaries are abandoned and you’re invited on a journey of escapism to share his imaginative view of the world.


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