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At first glance the work of photographer Andreas Zimmermann appears to depict urban landscapes created out of children’s toy building blocks. The photographs are in fact high-resolution photos of individual Lego which are then digitally assembled on a computer to produce these clever landscape patterns. Patternbank love the playful colour and composition where order sometimes clashes, tricking the eye into seeing something that is not quite what it first appears.

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Patternbank brings you our final print highlight report from Milan A/W 2014/15 Fashion Week. In this final instalment  we have selected designers showing key print trends for Autumn/ Winter 2014/15. Watch out for the up and coming Paris Shows which we will also be covering here at Patternbank.

Marni A/W 2014/15

Stylised Blooms – Linear Outlines – Volume and Depth – Monoprint Styles – Painted Brushwork – Artistic Paintings – Exuberant Mark Making – Bold Painted Colour Blocks – Artisanship and Couture Details – Multicoloured Fur – Felted Stripe Colour Bands

Marni photos via


Heohwan Simulation A/W 2014/15

Poppy Prints – Layered Details – Monochromatic Backgrounds – Hand Painted Florals – Linear Details – Collaged Newspaper Prints – Intarsia Knitwear – Optical Effects – Checkerboard and Check Mixing

Heohwan Simulation photos via


Antonio Marras A/W 2014/15

Botanical Florals – Bouquet Arrangements – Hidden Surreal Imagery – Collaged Illustrations – Photographic Wolf Placements – Dark Studies – Pen and Ink Drawing – Full Bloom Photographic Florals – Animal Skin Texture – Graphic Knitwear Pictorials

Antonio Marras photos via 


MSGM A/W 2014/15

Blown Up Photographic Portraits – Gerhard Richter Inspired Paint Texture – Blurred and Distorted Florals – Dark Backgrounds Revealing Print – Broken and Fragmented Roses – Monochromatic Arrangements – Soft Focus – Dripped and Dragged Effects

MSGM photos via


Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2014/15

Enchanted Forest Prints – Forest Blossom – Magical Woodland Imagery – Owls and Woodland Creatures – Escutcheon and Key Collections – Naive Appliqué Florals – Tree of Life Pattern – Medieval References – Border and Large Scale Placements

Dolce & Gabbana photos via


Stella Jean A/W 2014/15

Mixed Cultural References – Bold African Wax Prints – Whimsical Animals – Peacock Feathers – Exuberant Cockerels – Rugby Stripes – Multilayered Pattern Mixes – Vibrant Colour Combinations – Smart Geometric Shapes

Stella Jean photos via


Marco De Vincenzo A/W 2014/15

Metallic Rainbows – Checks and Grids – Lurex Accents –  Ribbed Contours – Graduated Colour Changes – Textured Plaids – Circle and Spot Combinations – Diagonal Stripe Plays – Mottled Textured Backgrounds – Graded Metallic Stripes

Marco De Vincenzo photos via


Roberto Cavalli A/W 2014/15

Decorative Art Deco Pattern – Beaded Art Deco Columns – Feather Prints – Blazing Flame Prints – Snake and Crocodile Skin – Blurred Texture – Colour Dipped Areas

Roberto Cavalli photos via


Patternbank brings you the highlights from London Fall 2014 Fashion Week. This is the first instalment where we have selected designers showing key print trends for Autumn / Winter 2014/15. Watch out for Part 2 which will follow shortly and also the up and coming Milan and Paris Shows which we will also be covering here at Patternbank.

Fyodor Golan A/W 2014/15


Spliced Pattern – Holographic Typography – Full Panel Prints – East Meets West – Digital & Technology Driven Prints – Burmese Temple Imagery – Images Broken and Fractured by Stripes

Fyodor Golan photos via


Preen by Thornton Bregazzi A/W 2014/15

Tessellation Plays – Oversized Star Wars Placements – Abstracted Cubic & Mosaics Repeats  – Geometric Statements – Darth Vader Graphics – Mashed-up Prints – Contrasting Scale – Tesseract Pattern

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi photos via


Holly Fulton A/W 2014/15

Minimalistic Motifs – Stylised Floral Repeats – Everyday Object Graphic Print Elements – Hand Drawn Looks – Deco Construction  – Fritz Lang’s Metropolis References

Holly Fulton photos via


Nazir Mazhar A/W 2014/15


Graphic Branding – Logo Enhanced Looks – Cut & Paste Pattern Play – Photographic Pocket Prints – Taped and Patched Statements – Mashed-up Graphics

Nasir Mazhar photos via


Jean Piere Breganza A/W 2014/15

Classical Paintings as Prints – Marbleised Textures – Tesseract Pattern Mixed with Classical Paintings – Painter Artemisia Gentileschi References – Italian Baroque

Jean-Pierre Braganza photos via


House of Holland A/W 2014/15

Polka Dots – Conversational Pattern Plays – Graphic Message Statements – High Contrast Pattern – Brush Stroke Pattern – Tabloid Front Page Usage – Damask Wallpaper

House of Holland  photos via


Felder Felder A/W 2014/15

Blurred Images – Flowing Texture – Abstract Watercolour Effects – Cut Out Pattern – Hyper Saturated Colour Hues – Symmetrical Laser Cut Pattern Statements – Watercolour Gerhard Richter Inspired Prints

Felder Felder photos via


Emilia Wickstead A/W 2014/15


Wallpaper Graphic Floral Prints – Python Skin Patterning – Flat Graphic Florals – High Contrast Pattern – Upholstery Fabric References

Emilia Wickstead photos via


Central Saint Martins A/W 2014/15


Large Scale Photo Montage Prints – Symbolic Graphic Element Use – Polka Dot Mash Ups – Intense Colour Fabric Texture – Exploding Petals Prints

Central Saint Martins MA photos via


Symmetry is one of the most important elements in Islamic decorative design and graphic designer/artist Razan Sabbagh has embraced this in these designs. Razan’s inspiration comes from Islamic Mashrabiya and elements from Islamic decorated carpets. In one piece Razan has included the Islamic greeting ‘Al salam alaykom’, Razan says ‘I chose these words because they are words shared by all muslims, no matter what their mother tongue. These words have a deep and peaceful sense and meaning, and they allow me to create a gentle connection between the picture and the viewer’. These back lit, transparent paper and glass artworks were part of a collective exhibition for the Jameel Prize workshop in 2010. See more of Razan’s portfolio here.



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These vintage B&W photographs are brought back to life with bold pattern and collage additions. Graphic designer Guy Catling from Colchester, Essex uses the art of collage to express his creativity. Vibrant patterns, folk prints and scalped pictures of carpets add real contrast to some dark photographic subject matter.  See more of Guy’s work on his Flickr and tumblr sites.



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Colour within mother nature never stops to surprise and mesmerize us. These amazing images are the work of Australian photographer Steve Back. The colourful abstract shots are of Hutt Lagoon, the world’s largest Beta Carotene farm which cultivates naturally occurring algae in a network of man made ponds. The vivid reflecting hues of hot pink and zesty orange creates stunning natural patterns in dramatic scale.



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Fashion Photographer Ruven Afanador paired up with Town and Country Magazine to create these amazing floral wonders. Here some of the strongest designer’s showcase their Spring 2013 collections. Entwined in fierce pattern plays this dreamy photo shoot has a fairy tale air to things. Styled by fashion editor Hanna Teare these photos give a real insight into upcoming floral trends for the Summer.



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The Patternbank team visited Bristol’s Affordable Art Fair at Brunel’s Old Station last weekend. The Affordable Art Fair’s formula is simple, yet unique: a relaxed, inspiring environment and lots of good quality contemporary art. In this post we give a quick snapshot of our favorite finds whilst walking the show. Check the website for more information on exhibiting artists and galleries and dates for other cites the fair is visiting.

Antlers Gallery

Charles EmersonRose Sanderson @ Antlers Gallery


Harlequin Gallery and The Marle Gallery

Clare Schimdt Norris @ Harlequin GalleryEmma Forrester @ The Marle Gallery


Fourwalls Contemporary Art

Myung Nam AnBecky Blair @ Fourwalls Contemporary Art

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Appropriation is a strong theme in Nicholas Ballestros’ art, as he puts it “This technique of altering or appropriating images is not for a desired outcome other than showing the found material’s sheer ability to be bent.”. These images that have been laying dormant for years have been given a new lease of life by Nicholas with the creative and inspiring use of a scanner. He graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, with a Bachelor of Arts and a Design minor. You can see more of his awesome work over on his Flickr Page.


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Patternbank brings you the key print highlights from the recent London Fashion Week catwalk shows. In this second instalment we’ve edited down the strongest print trend highlights for Spring/Summer 2013. Keep an eye out for our print highlight report on the Milan and Paris Shows which we will also be covering here at Patternbank.

Peter Pilotto S/S 2013

Collage mix and match statements – Twisted Baroque-style plays – Pattern clashes – Bold graphic geo prints – Modern take on folkloric motifs

Peter Pilotto photos via


Clements Ribeiro S/S 2013

Updated antique prints – Large scale blooms – Tie dye hem effects – Graphic stripe and check mixes – Lace pattern allover prints

Clements Ribeiro photos via


Issa London S/S 2013

Tropical visual experiments – Amazonian gardens – Colour enhances botanical and tropical prints – Large scale expression – Tropical birds  – Artist studies

Issa London photos via


Holly Fulton S/S 2013

Bold Deco graphic styling  – Grids, dots and geometric mixes – Historic Hollywood references – Digital deco pattern work – Summer stripes

Holly Fulton photos via


House of Holland S/S 2013

Grunge pop prints – Vibrant hyper colour blotch print effects – Tie-dye effects – Checks and large scale florals – Hip 60’s summer festival prints

House of Holland photos via


Jasper Conran S/S 2013

Flower power aesthetic – large scale Painted floral placements – Layered prints – Extreme Patchwork – Pattern mixes

Jasper Conran photos via


Louise Gray S/S 2013

Destructed pattern – News print prints – Punk attitude – Cut and paste pattern – Vibrant and powerful colour plays – Overprinted effects

Louise Gray  photos via

Patternbank have already highlighted Michael Chase’s amazing photographic abstract art in our ‘Beautiful Decay’ post but after seeing some of his recent work we wanted to highlight more. Chase’s new photographic experimental studies are great inspiration for our Spring/Summer 2013 colour trend forecast ‘Vibrant Glow’. With acid candy tones and pastel combinations these new textural photos are a great resource for print and pattern inspiration. See more of Michael Chase’s textural studies at his tumblr site

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Layering materials hides the original identity of photographs, transforming them into these mysterious, collaged assemblages. Flashes of colour, from found papers, add depth and contrast  in the bold monochromatic mood of the collection. Layers and repetition of shape create an inherent sense of pattern and control – as well as adding a 3D element to a flat image. The recurring circular form has become a signature of Eva Eun-Sil Han – find more of these intriguing pieces at

Contributed by Sarah Bishop

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Patternbank brings you it’s second ‘Cruise/Resort print trends’ round-up report for Pre Spring 2013. These shows are a great insight into the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk shows. Here we bring you our second concise overview of the most influential print trends emerging from the recent Pre Spring 2013 Resort shows.

Pattern Patchworks

Remixed Pattern – Pieced and Placed Pattern – Chaotic Pattern Plays – Quilted Pattern – Pattern Clash – Geometric and Floral Explorations – Masked Pattern – Contrasting Motifs

Photos Via


Spring Fresh

Fresh Floral Studies – Subtle Colour Palettes – Faded and Soft Blooms – Watercolour Meadow Florals – Spacial lays and Compositions – Mid Sized scale – Victorian Floral Studies

Photos Via


Ombre Bleed

Dip-dyed and Colour Bleed effects – Multi-band Ombre Prints – Placed and Engineered  Fade outs – Colour Bleed Stripes – Photographic Fade Out Prints – Shadow Prints

Photos Via


70s Arthouse

Graphic Impact – Large Scale Proportions – Intense Colour Plays – Unexpected Brights – Art House Wallpaper print references – Graphic Simple Pattern Use – Elegant Motifs – Zoomed in Detail – Two & Three Colour Prints

Photos Via


Rythmic Pattern

Linear Pattern – Contour and Blended Line Use – Mirrored Structure – Digital Form – Fractured Elements – Regimental repeats and Movement – Linear Traced Motion – Mapped and Plotted Graphic Information

Photos Via

Pushing digital boundaries in computer aided art can be powerful and visually stimulating. Berlin based ZEITGUISED are masters in digital expression and are at the cutting edge of computer based image manipulation. Their portfolio is full of inspirational visual projects but this collection, Sample Sample caught our eye. Here ZEITGUISED explore the micro structures of woven fabric and recreate as amazing digital 3D sculptures. Check out more of their inspirational pieces on their site. 

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With experimental digital prints continuing to trend for Spring/Summer 2013, the Patternbank crew spotted these amazing photo collage prints by Brit/Brazilian duo Basso & Brooke. These prints are from their current Spring/Summer 2012 collection but with their creative forward thinking, we are seeing this style of print as a key reference point for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk shows. Mixing photo floral elements, abstract surreal backdrops and digitally manipulated imagery, Basso & Brooke are definitely the designers to keep an eye on for upcoming digital print trends.

Also check out Basso & Brooke’s massive 31 print sweatshirt collection, which is a real inspirational reference point for any designer.

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After visiting the recent Bread & Butter show in Berlin, the Patternbank team saw that photographic prints are still featuring strong for Spring/Summer 2013 graphics. Colourful, surreal prints are still a main focus for many brands for next summer. With this in mind we thought we’d share these imaginary photo collage prints from Beth Hoeckel. Mixing realist and surrealist Hoeckel’s work plays with the juxtaposition between foreground and background objects. Baltimore based Hoeckel is a collage artist and photographer who loves the control of real paper, ink and adhesive.

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Patternbank love all the collaged photographic floral looks that seem to be everywhere at the moment. For some inspiration we have a few of our favourites here. Ben Giles is a prolific, collages artist from Suffolk, England. His outstanding eye for imagery allows him to create these packed floral pieces. See more of his work at cargo and on and

Ashkan Honarvar creates some wild artworks with somewhat macabre imagery. Vanitas is an artistic collaboration with stylist Kathi Kauder and photographer Sabrina Theissen. For more see

Valeria Alvera chooses classical black and white imagery with vibrant photographic collage built florals.

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Erno-Erik Raitanen, a Finnish artist created these Bacteriograms (love that word) by cultivating his own bacteria samples on a colour negative film. As Raitanen explains “The bacterium destroys the film surface producing photographic images that are created by chance. The artist is removed from the process but, still at the same time, they are a product of the artist’s body.”


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Pure Analog, we love it – real paper and card, a pair of scissors and few dabs of glue, Virginia doesn’t need no expensive Mac and Photoshop – her exquisitely crafted collages reveal a beautiful use of colour and an abstract and refined sense of space. We are loving this photographic, hand-made collage look. She is a Chilean artist and you can find more of her great work on her website or on Flickr.

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