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Patternbank brings you a snapshot of the strongest print designers seen at the recent  New Designers Graduate show.

The Patternbank team once again had the privilege of experiencing this years emerging talent at the New Designers Graduate show.  New Designers is the UK’s most important graduate design exhibition, full of innovation and fresh thinking. Week 1 of the graduate show focused on Textiles and surface pattern design courses and was the ultimate event to spot the next wave of creative talent to hit the industry. New Designers Week 2 is showing until this Sunday if you are in London.

Louise Towers – @louisetowers_design_

Leeds Art University

Emily james – @emilyrjamesdesigns

UWTSD: Swansea College of Art

Hannah McCloskey – @hannahclairedesign

Leeds Art University

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The Patternbank team were at the preview day of the Victoria & Albert’s new exhibition Fashioned from Nature last week. A great new exhibition that looks at how nature has influenced fashion design, textiles, manufacturing and pattern, throughout the last 400 years. Set over 2 floors, the first floor looks back in history and explores the evolution of how nature has impacted fashion. The upper floor is more of a present-day look at how new designers have used nature in the design process. It also showcases the environmental aspects of how designers now are looking at sustainability within fashion. We also picked up the book that accompanies the exhibition which is also worth a purchase here.

William Kilburn(1745-1818)

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Wow, these beautifully chaotic artworks caught our eye recently. Jim Gaylord another Brooklyn based artist who uses gouache on cutout paper to create these stunning visual statements. We love the technique Gaylord uses within his work. Here rearranging abstract cut out shapes into distorted vibrant compositions. Check out more of his artworks here.

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Patternbank thought we’d share the brilliant collage work of Brazilian artist Rodrigo Torres, well known for his expertise in carefully cutting and assembling colourful bank notes. “Money is seductive. The minute drawings on them are beautifully made, all decorated, most of them are full of colors, full of pride and depict landscapes, animals, flowers, important characters, important buildings, people working, studying, dancing, playing, celebrating, there’s no sadness, no starving people, no inequality, only the bright side.”

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Patternbank are loving these amazing paper cut artworks from Brooklyn based artist Xin Song. Her recent work borrows images from old and discarded magazines. She explains ‘Every day I see, hear, feel and think about the world through magazines which people glance through and then throw away.  For me, I have found importance and value in these materials as in many ways they are mirrored the world around us. Through paper cutting, I try to take what is ordinarily a folk, vernacular form, not very highly regarded in terms of artistic hierarchy, and turn it into a serious high art form.’ Enjoy more of her powerful and delicate work on her website



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Morgana Wallace mixes watercolour with paper collage to create these colourful three-dimentional illustrations using layers of cut paper to build on her mythical stories. Wallace is a mixed media artist based in Victoria, Canada where she puts together mythological scenes telling stories in texture, colour and beautiful detail. You can follow her work on her blog here and on instagram.



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Patternbank returned again this year to sample the latest injection of Uk based Printmakers and Graphic artists, and a growing selection of global talent, exhibiting at last weeks Pick Me Up . This years festival was held at Somerset House, London and ran for 11 days between 24th April and 4th May. Pick Me Up has become the UK’s best contemporary graphic art fair and now in it’s sixth year the show has become a great place to spot new and upcoming talent. Seminars with guest speakers and printmaking workshops make this an unmissable event with original artworks and prints available to purchase. If you missed out this year we’ve put together a selection of exhibitors for you to peruse at your convenience.




French graphic designer Laura Jouan is now based in London since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2014. For Pick Me Up, Laura was exhibiting her project Layering Layers, Layering Content, which investigates poster formats. See more work from the artist here.


Moth are a London based animation collective comprising of David Prosser, Daniel Chester and Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2010, the designers began to collaborate on projects and explored a shared love for all things drawn. Moth have produced work for clients such as WWF and  Global Canopy Programme. See more of their captivating animation here.

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With the huge trend of hand crafted pattern work and illustrations currently being preferred over digital looks, these artworks caught our eye recently.  These striking permanent marker illustrations are the creative work of South Carolina based artist Hollis Brown Thornton. We love her take on modern retro, using colourful composition mixes to create these amazing depictions of old cassette tapes, Video tapes and forgotten video game case graphics.(with some cool wallpaper backgrounds to finish things off!) See more of her visual blasts from the past on her portfolio site



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Soundweaving is the innovative use of traditional Eastern European embroidery patterns and laser cutting techniques in the creation of musical melodies. The Hungarian artist Zsanett Szirmay used laser cutters to create folk inspired designs along lengths of fabric. During a stint in a weaving workshop Zsanett was inspired by the punch cards used in weaving machines and recalled the barrel organs with their punched tapes from her childhood, and combined these two concepts in her soundweaving project. Each strip of punched fabric is fed through a music box translating every stitch of the embroidery pattern into a note, giving her work multiple dimensions. Not only do these digitally produced, delicate lacy patterns inspire the eye but the total experience stimulates all the senses. Hear the hypnotic melodies and tunes created by Zsanett & musician and composer Bálint Tárkány-Kovács here.



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These charmingly nostalgic illustrations are the work of illustrator Phoebe Wahl. The artist had an unconventional childhood growing up in Washington state. With no formal schooling Phoebe gained her inspiration work ethics from her free range upbringing. The artist graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2013 with a BFA in Illustration, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. See more from her website, and check out her contributions to Taproot magazine here.



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Patternbank love the complex pattern work and detailed borders to be found in Lisa Nilsson’s latest quillwork series of rug and textile designs. Tapis Series is a complex arrangement of densely packed coils of quarter-inch mulberry strips and crimped and shaped gilt paper, all cut by hand. Previously Nilsson worked on anatomical cross sections in her Tissue Series and felt ready for a new challenge that would enable her to explore new colour palettes, patterns and textures. Using textile and rug designs Nilsson has created such beautiful shapes and patterns that are contained within structured borders giving them the tight continuity needed in every coil of paper. To see more of Nilsson’s paper work visit her website.


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London-Born, Los Angeles-based artist Walead Beshty recently papered the entire Curve at The Barbican with a floor to ceiling display of Cyanotype prints. These photographic prints are a collection of random objects applied to discarded paper using a photo sensitive coating leaving a silhouetted print. With over 1200 prints created over one year between Los Angeles and London, this epic display created on surfaces such as news print and cardboard packaging is both beautiful and fascinating. The installation is on display at the Barbican until 8 Feburary 2015 see more here.



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Elsa Mora describes her start in life to be less than perfect with some of her fellow peers falling fowl to their environment in Cuba. Elsa’s difficult early experiences inspired her to use the power of imagination to re-invent herself.  The artist embarked upon a new path in life using her creativity to carve out a more positive future for herself. These stunning and intricate paper cuts highlight her incredible creativity and sensitive attention to detail. Visit her website to see more of her creations and don’t forget to take a trip through the door to read her fascinating and heartwarming story.


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Born in Hermitage, Virginia in 1977, Dolan Geiman explores his American roots and rugged habitat to inspire his art, “I grew up on a farm, caught crickets and bailed hay, painted with mud, dug up civil war relics, listened to midnight mockingbirds. These are the ingredients of life that have stuck with me and have built the foundation for the artwork I set forth into the world.” These mixed media pieces are collaged together  using reclaimed wood, salvaged metal and vintage papers. Read more about the artist’s fascinating life and see more of his diverse collection of work here.



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Patternbank love the colour popping cut-outs of artist Maud Vantours. Vantours trained in design at the parisian school Duperré, specialising in textiles and material research. Using simple materials like paper and card Vantours sculpts in layer after layer using colour combinations that enhance her work and create wonderful patterns and graphics. Vandours has worked on some fabulous projects including Adidas’s ZX Flux trainer and Arjowiggins creative papers. Check out her website for more works of art.


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These amazingly realistic birds are actually paper sculptures created by attaching small pieces of paper to a base structure, feathers are created while the paper is the bird by cutting and curling. Diana has been working extensively with artists, organizations and private clients such as 215mmcann, Olivari Olive Oil, Volevatch, Longwood Gardens US, ENI, Marina Rinaldi, Lebeau-Courally and many others. Originally from Colombia, she is now studying an MA in Fine Art at the UWE in Bristol, England. For more intricate masterpieces check her website.


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Simplicity of shape and layering create these jewel like artworks by Shannon Rankin. Bold brights are revealed through eyelets and peep holes and translucent layers combine to create frosted overlapping shades. Shannon’s work with paper involves delicate, folding pinning and cutting, another of her recent collections which exhibits her painstaking skill explores maps and anatomy, highlighting the relationship between geological and botanical processes. To see more visit her website here.



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London Based artist Mark Powell has been creating stunning visual masterpieces. Powell reuses found vintage envelopes as canvases for his detailed biro studies.
“I like to think that I am preserving a little bit of history in some small way as some of the envelopes date back to 1852, I feel that this adds extra character over that of a blank sheet of paper.” Explains Powell. See more of his incredible artworks for sale on



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For our first post of the year we have some amazing collages from Melinda Tidwell who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She uses discarded books as her primary material and likes working with words, pieces of text and the odd string of numbers. The abstraction of this information into bits of non-sense, hopes to tease the mind into the wilder lands of free association and one’s own imagination. See more of Melinda’s work at


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