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Patternbank recently discovered the work of Martyn Thompson, a photographer who began his career in Fashion, designing clothes. We asked him a few questions to discover more about his work process and what inspires him as a designer.

A brief introduction

I am a photographer and designer and run my design practice, Martyn Thompson Studio, in Soho NYC. My career began hand painting fabrics and designing clothes. Many of my friends also designed and I started to photograph eveyones work which led to me becoming a fashion photographer. Beginning in Sydney, I moved to Paris and later London, where my work broadened into a lifestyle context, working with interiors, travel and food. I love to experiment and over the last decade I founded Martyn Thompson Studio, a design practice where we use my photos as the base to create textiles and wallpaper, homewares and limited edition art.

Tell us about your work & process – any upcoming exhibitions?

Through playing with different ways of reproducing my photographs I discovered the digitalized jacquard loom and the possibitliy to making a photo into a tapestry. This led to creating large scale patterns and weaving them into yardage – now used in both a home and fashion context. When making new patterns we always begin with a photo, or a series of photos – experimenting with these images, printing them in different ways, flipping, reversing and reorienting them, joining different bits together – until eventually a collection emerges. We’ve done a number of installations of this work in the last few years – at the London Design Festival and at the Future Perfect in NYC … and later this year we are exhibiting in Australia.

What creatively inspires you?

In my photos I work mainly with daylight … Light is great source of inspriation to me. It informs the color and creates shape and patterns that are always changing. I am attracted to natural forms … curvaceous shapes… especially flowers. Thank you Martyn we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. To see more of Martyn’s collection go to Martyn Thompson Studio and Instagram @martynthompsonstudio. Mural in last image by Dove Drury Hornbuckle

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The Patternbank team are loving street artist Pastel Fd, a painter and architect, working in Buenos Aires. Pastel uses the urban landscape and unloved derelict builds as creative canvas. Pastel Fd explains: “Far away of conventional architecture, I understand work on the street as a urban acupuncture. Modern cities are full of “Non-places” because of irregular and not inclusive masterplanning. So paintings can be a kickstart for those places, working on the local identity and not being another tool of social gentrification. I try to base my work on experiences. Considering the space where I get to create my work, it may be a city, a rural space, an open space or a closed space. At first trying to understand the conditions that the environment offers and not to impose an already established concept for the space. Working with symbolism like arrowheads and flora, the pieces begin a dialogue about the nature of man and his surroundings. The existential, real, pure and tragic, almost forgotten in modern society.” See more of his amazing urban transformations on his portfolio site.

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With painted prints trending on the catwalk and emerging as a key look for Spring/Summer 2016, the Patternbank team spotted these beautifully studied artworks by Anna Valdez. California based artist Valdez background includes anthropology, animation and video which has helped her develop an eye for visual compositions. Her recent series of still-life paintings use various household items such as clothes, quilts, houseplants, books, rugs and records as vibrant subject matter. Mundane pot plants and rugs come to life with her amazing use of colour and brush strokes. See more of her stunning work on her portfolio site



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These colourful and inspiring pieces are the works of artist Kirra Jamison, a creative muse in the Aussie art scene.  Kirra grew up in Byron Bay and is currently based in Melbourne. Patternbank were drawn to her playful compositions and simple shape use within her artworks. Vinyl offcuts are used to create collage templates which are then sized for use as in large-scale paintings. We are sure you’ll agree pretty awesome stuff. See more at



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Patternbank brings you the highlights from Paris S/S 2014 Fashion Week. This is the first instalment where we have selected designers showing key print trends for Spring / Summer 2014. Watch out for Part 2 which will follow shortly.

Manish Arora S/S 2014

Creative Placement Layouts – Kitch Motifs – Kaleidoscope Pattern build ups – Symmetrical arrangements – Art Deco Jewelled Prints – Geometric and Optical Plays

Manish Arora photos via


Dries Van Noten S/S 2014

Floral Overprints – Masked and Silhouetted Flowers – Botanical Engravings – Decorative Details – 3D Embroidery – Gold Baroque – Ethnic Melting Pot – Eclectic Mixes

Dries Van Noten photos via 


Ann Demeulemeester S/S 2014

Intricate Pattern Prints – Wisteria Blossoms – Bold and Regular Stripes – Decorative Flocking – Art Deco Inspired Flora – Monochromatic Colour  – Vertical Borders

Ann Demeulemeester photos via


Carven S/S 2014

Chintz Floral Sprays – Bouquet Arrangements – Clever Appliqué Placements – Pastel Camouflage – Lace as Camouflage – Creative Gingham Cut-Outs

Carven photos via


Nina Ricci S/S 2014

Crammed and Clustered Florals – Graduation and Merging of Blooms – Areas of Detail – Outline and Drawn Qualities – Border Pattern Changes – Romantic Lace Appliqué

Nina Ricci photos via


Christian Wijnants S/S 2014

Bold Brush-mark Checks – Textured Mark Making – Painted Camouflage Shapes – Blurring and Distortion – Ethnic Influences and Sportswear Mix – Textured Animal Skin – Colour Pops

Christian Wijnants photos via


Cédric Charlier S/S 2014

Painterly Stripes – Hand Painted Texture – Deep Border Layouts – Horizontal and Vertical Mixing – Imperfect Lines and Bold Contrasts – Vibrant Burn Orange – Tidy Stripes – Monochrome Uniformity

Cédric Charlier photos via


Barbara Bui S/S 2014

Engraved Flora Prints – Applique Cut-outs – Frayed and Distressed Areas – Large Scale Placement – 3D Texture – Faded Denim – Sculptured fabric and Beadwork – Worn-out Softness

Barbara Bui photos via


Julien David S/S 2014

Conversational Prints – Pixelated Sparkling Fruits – Coral Leave Prints – Playful Nautical Motifs – Desert Island and Palm Leaf References – Allover Print Layouts

Julien David photos via

Patternbank brings you our final print and pattern highlight recap from the recent Paris Menswear S/S 2014 Fashion shows(PFW). Again we have selected key designers showing off their strongest prints for the S/S 2014 Season. Patternbank’s Menswear Print Trend round up report for Spring/Summer 2014 will be live later this week.

Dries Van Noten S/S 2014


Dries Van Noten photos via

Issey Miyake S/S 2014


Issey Miyake photos via

Givenchy S/S 2014


Givenchy photos via

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Patternbank brings you a snapshot of the key prints seen at the recent Part 1 New Designers Graduate show.

The Patternbank team recently visited the New Designers Graduate show at London’s Business Design Centre. Taking place over two weeks, with eight distinct design zones and two prestigious Awards Evenings, New Designers is the UK’s most important graduate design exhibition, full of innovation and fresh thinking. Part 1 of the graduate show focused on Textiles and surface pattern design courses and was the ultimate event to spot the next wave of creative talent to hit the industry.


All images copyright ©Hannah Bowen 2013, Leeds College of Art & Design



All images copyright ©Freya Gardner2013, Arts University Bournemouth 



All images copyright ©Katie Fitzpatrick 2013, Leeds College of Art and Design



All images copyright ©Stephanie Rostron 2013, Leeds College of Art & Design



All images copyright ©Karolina Klimczyk 2013, Edinburgh College of Art


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Patternbank were at Pick Me Up, UK’s first annual contemporary graphic art fair at Somerset House, London. In it’s Fourth year now the show has grown to be a great place to spot new and upcoming talent with original works and prints available to purchase. Not only that there are various events and workshops to get involved in so altogether a great inspiring day out.

Patternbank highlights the strongest Illustrators, graphic artists and studios seen at the fair this year.


This year was another mass of creative workshops and inspirational content.  Pick Me Up packs together the most exciting international talent from the wonderfully diverse field of graphic arts for an 11-day extravaganza of creative workshops, late-night art and music mash-ups, quirky family-fun events and interactive shopping spaces with original, affordable artwork and limited- edition prints.


Fatherless were on hand  creating one-of-a-kind hand-printed images especially for Pick Me Up crowd, as well as creating prints, t-shirts, broadsides and handbills each day. Formed in 2010 and hailing from Rockford, Illinois, Fatherless is a collaborative print posse of artists, designers, graffiti writers and educators. All of their work consists of hand-screened, limited edition prints, and can best be described as, “a visual mixtape of creative shenagination.”



Katie draws inspiration from traditional scientific illustrations. Katie’s original work was made especially for this years Pick Me Up. Patternbank loved her whimsical studies of biological studies and scientific drawings.

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Patternbank brings you the highlights from Paris A/W 2013/14 Fashion Week. This is the first instalment where we have selected designers showing key print trends for Autumn/Winter 2013/14. Watch out for Part 2 which will follow shortly.

Chalayan A/W 2013/14

Painted Brushwork – Decaying Textures – Cracked Effects – Torn and Distressed Surfaces – Igneous Rock Prints – Peeling and Worn Paint

Chalayan photos via

Dries Van Noten A/W 2013/14

William Morris Inspired Prints – Distressed Textured Surfaces – Opulent Paisley Motifs – Old Fashioned Cricket Blazer Stripes – Fringes and Feathers – Delicate Floral Engravings

Dries Van Noten photos via

Lanvin A/W 2013/14

Shadowed Insect Prints – Silhouetted Simplicity – Botanical Engravings – Large Scale Single Blooms

Lanvin photos via

Balenciaga A/W 2013/14

Shiny and Cracked Surfaces – Tonal and Monochromatic – Fractured and Earthquake Markings – Mottled and Marbled – Black and White Palettes

Balenciaga photos via

Maison Martin Margiela A/W 2013/14

Over-scaled Paint Brush Marks – Fractured Slogan Graphics – Pieced Together Patchwork – Heavy Yarn Creations – Macrame and knitted

Maison Martin Margiela photos via

Issey Miyake A/W 2013/14

Tartan Variations – Colour-blocked Plaids – Pixellated Palettes – Technicolor Stripes – Chequered Patterns

Issey Miyake photos via

Sonia Rykiel A/W 2013/14

Creative Motifs – Shadowed Imagery – Subtle Over-lays – Variations in Scale Play – Simplified Pattern – Minimal Colour use

Sonia Rykiel photos via

Manish Arora A/W 2013/14

Tribal Psychedelic – Fused Photographic Landscapes and Skys – New Age Tribal Prints  – Engineered Layouts – Fading and Merging Imagery

Manish Arora phots via

Patternbank love Barry McGee’s unique personal style of fusing together found and invented imagery along with tags and assorted objects. Influenced by Mexican muralists, tramp art, the graffiti artists of the 70’s and 80’s and the San Francisco Beat poets, he creates a unique visual language. McGee, also known by his street name, Twist, is acclaimed for his work in the street and for his painted installations in galleries, museums and art festivals around the world. You can see more of his work at the Prism Gallery in California where he exhibited earlier this year.


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Patternbank brings you the key print highlights from the recent Paris Fashion Week catwalk shows. In this report we’ve edited down the strongest print trend highlights for Spring/Summer 2013. Dont miss our final complete SS 2013 Print trend report, covering New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week which we will be live next week.

Tsumori Chisato S/S 2013

Painted Expression – Hand Painted Landscapes -Native American Visual References – Painted Zig-zag patterns – Deep Saturated colour – Free Spirited Illustration – Colour blocking

Tsumori Chisato photos via


Chalayan S/S 2013

Photo Fractured prints – Large Scale Digital Prints  – Abstracted Pattern forms – Intense Colour blasts – Futuristic Edge – Folded Fabric patterns – Overprinted Floral statements

Chalayan photos via


Cedric Charlier S/S 2013

Refined Brush Marks – Geometric Form – Engineered Pattern placements – Stripes and Bold brushed pattern  – Texture through Brushed paint – Light Grounds

Cedric Charlier photos via


Hermes S/S 2013

Linear and Subtle Hawaiian Landscape Visuals – Geometric and Optical plays – Tropical Palm and Plant life studies – Mosaic Prints – Tropical Scarf prints

Hermes photos via


Dries Van Noten S/S 2013

Printed Organza – Clashing Plaid mash-ups – Midscale Faded Florals – Non Digital Screen Prints – Layered prints – Large Brushmark floral motifs – Pattern Mixes

Dries Van Noten photos via


Kenzo S/S 2013

Japanese Jungle prints – Oversized Leopard Skin references – Botanical and Tiger print statements – Photographic Junglescape – Abstract Animal prints

Kenzo photos via


Manish Arora S/S 2013

Embellished Jewel pattern prints – Bracelets and Necklaces visuals – Photo-Printed patterns – Tiger and Temple Visuals – Ornate &  Decorative – Ceramic Painted Imagery – Indian and Middle Eastern pattern plays

Manish Arora photos via


Patternbank brings you the key print highlights from the recent Milan Fashion Week catwalk shows. In this second instalment we’ve edited down the strongest print trend highlights for Spring/Summer 2013. Keep an eye out for our print highlight report on Paris Fashion Week which we will also be covering here at Patternbank. See Part 1 here

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013

Seaside Stripes – Hand Painted Pictorials – Richly Painted Florals – Holiday Postcard Imagery – Handcrafted Traditions – Ceramic Painted Imagery

Dolce & Gabbana photos via


Bottega Veneta S/S 2013

Forties Inspired Florals – Spliced Panels – Sequin and Bead Embellishment – Appliqué and Cut-Out Work – Blurred Floral Sketchiness – Sepia Tones

Bottega Veneta photos via


Prada S/S 2013

Spray Painted Motifs – Stencilled Single Stems – Naive Daisy Prints – Japanese and Geisha Expression – Far Eastern Blooms – Handicraft Spirit

Prada photos via 


Fendi S/S 2013

Luxe Printed Fabrics – Cubist and Futuristic Looks – Bold Pastels – 3-D Effects – Colourful Striations – Decorative Marquetry Patterns

Fendi photos via


MSGM S/S 2013

Exotic Animal Prints – Bold Playful Imagery – Digitalised Navajo Patterns – Massai Inspired Prints – Fun Ethnic Mixes

MSGM photos via


Gucci S/S 2013

Snakeskin Ombre Effects – Block Colour – Large Scale Blooms – Feather Prints – Canary Brights and Neon Shades

Gucci photos via


Emilio Pucci S/S 2013

Decorated Dragons – Indochina Inspired – Hidden Camouflage Prints – Small Motif Print – Over-printed Abstract Shapes

Emilio Pucci photos via


Just Cavalli S/S 2013

Detailed Floral Prints – Leopard Print Mixes – Ornate Blue on White – Abstract Florals – Vibrant Colour Splashes

Just Cavalli photos via


Aquilano. Rimondi S/S 2013

Harlequin Playful Patterns – Checkered Jewel Prints – Geometric Silhouettes – Strict Graphic Lines – Picasso and Venetian Inspired

Aquilano.Rimondi photos via

These crafted photo-real studies are the amazing work of Spanish illustrator Oriol Angrill Jorda. Whilst studying printmaking at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, Oriol explored a hugh variety of techniques including pastel, watercolours, colored pencil, white pencil on black textured paper, acrylics, graphite, charcoal and so on. These experimental explorations carved the way for his unique and mesmerizing style. Oriol’s recent mixed media works combine landscape visuals with portrait studies, creating a fresh take on the photo-real illustration trend we are tracking at the moment.

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Long ago when mobile phones were the size of houses and the closest thing to the internet was the loading screens on a zx spectrum. There was a kid who could almost always be found scribbling away. Conjuring up imagery of anything and everything from hyper advanced cars to magnificent beasts. That kid was Scott Balmer. After graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone college of Art & Design in Scotland, Balmer started life as a freelance illustrator and has never looked back since. Patternbank is digging Scott’s trippy graphic explorations in colour and pattern. With clients like Umbro, The Guardian, Howies and The New York Times magazine already tapping into his creative mindset, he’s definitely one to watch. See more of his illustration portfolio here.

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Patternbank have already highlighted Michael Chase’s amazing photographic abstract art in our ‘Beautiful Decay’ post but after seeing some of his recent work we wanted to highlight more. Chase’s new photographic experimental studies are great inspiration for our Spring/Summer 2013 colour trend forecast ‘Vibrant Glow’. With acid candy tones and pastel combinations these new textural photos are a great resource for print and pattern inspiration. See more of Michael Chase’s textural studies at his tumblr site

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Patternbank love Dustyn Bork’s vast selection of work. We have picked just a few of our favourites from a selection titled Bad Plaid and Shards. Dustyn chooses to respond to the pattern, colour and design that can be found all around us in his work. He uses a range of mixed media sometimes working on top of found photographs with great results. Check out more of his inspiring work at


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Innovative interior designer, Pernille Snedker Hansen is using marbling, a technique that has almost vanished in contemporary design, to create wonderful, vibrant effects on pine flooring. Focusing on highlighting pure natural patterns that are embodied within nature, gorgeous on trend colour combinations – soft chalky pastels and pop brights – accentuate the structure of the wood. Find more about Snedker and Marbelous Wood at

Contributed By Sarah Bishop

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Patternbank brings you it’s second ‘Cruise/Resort print trends’ round-up report for Pre Spring 2013. These shows are a great insight into the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk shows. Here we bring you our second concise overview of the most influential print trends emerging from the recent Pre Spring 2013 Resort shows.

Pattern Patchworks

Remixed Pattern – Pieced and Placed Pattern – Chaotic Pattern Plays – Quilted Pattern – Pattern Clash – Geometric and Floral Explorations – Masked Pattern – Contrasting Motifs

Photos Via


Spring Fresh

Fresh Floral Studies – Subtle Colour Palettes – Faded and Soft Blooms – Watercolour Meadow Florals – Spacial lays and Compositions – Mid Sized scale – Victorian Floral Studies

Photos Via


Ombre Bleed

Dip-dyed and Colour Bleed effects – Multi-band Ombre Prints – Placed and Engineered  Fade outs – Colour Bleed Stripes – Photographic Fade Out Prints – Shadow Prints

Photos Via


70s Arthouse

Graphic Impact – Large Scale Proportions – Intense Colour Plays – Unexpected Brights – Art House Wallpaper print references – Graphic Simple Pattern Use – Elegant Motifs – Zoomed in Detail – Two & Three Colour Prints

Photos Via


Rythmic Pattern

Linear Pattern – Contour and Blended Line Use – Mirrored Structure – Digital Form – Fractured Elements – Regimental repeats and Movement – Linear Traced Motion – Mapped and Plotted Graphic Information

Photos Via

Ian Davie paints these beautifully realistic wildlife images on to swan’s feathers from his home in the Snowdonia National Park. Having worked alongside wildlife all his life it’s not surprising he chooses this subject matter to work with. Of course his compositions have to work within there boundaries and delicate brushwork and a steady hand make for a painstaking process but the result is worth every effort. He could not have found a more unique and beautiful canvas on which to paint wildlife compositions. You can see more of his beautiful paintings here.


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