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Akira Ikezoe is a New York based artist, born in Kochi Japan, working with painting, drawing, performance and animation, his work explores the wandering relationships between humans and nature and shows a sense of humour as well as philosophical side. Patternbank love the zen-like quality to his work and simple primitive style, of curious potted plants, objects and intriguing imagery.

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Successful Animator, Illustrator and Textile designer Monika Forsberg has caught the eye of Patternbank this week. Originally from Lulea in northern Sweden, Monika moved to London to study at Camberwell School of Art and went on to gain a BA (hons) in Illustration at the University of Westminster and an MA (RCA) in Animation at the Royal College of Art. Patternbank were particularly attracted to her designs in coloured pen and her pattern rich illustrations, we love the naive quality of her pen work and the way her images take the eye on a journey, through a fantasy land of pattern and form. Monika’s website is currently being overhauled but if you want to see more, her latest project is an Animated Short for Channel 4, as part of their ‘Random Acts’, to be screened in April.



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Australian artist Jill Lewis creates these dream-like pictorial moments on her canvas with layers of pattern and colour, transforming us to another world. Lewis’s primitive yet extraordinarily sophisticated notions of everyday life are like playful poetic tapestries featuring mythological animals and fanciful objects. A painterly and spontaneous mark-making technique of rich earthy hues and gelato colour bombs, emphasise the personal metaphors and private moments underlying her stories. You can see more of her fantastical cast of bazaar creatures and characters at


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