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The Patternbank Team were blown away by the stunning detail of these mandala works by Asmahan A. Mosleh. Infused with gold leaf accents, Yemeni artist Asmahan, shares her work on her Instagram @murderandrose, where each piece takes upward of 80 hours to complete. Using acrylic paints and drawing the thinnest of line in pen, she then fils with bright pops of colour and completes with pearls of paint, for the final texture and detail.

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The Patternbank trends team featured Matt W. Moore’s captivating geometric artworks in our Autumn/Winter 2018/19 Raw Nature Materials Trends, for the recent London Textile Fair. Moore’s ‘Mosaic Mandala Series’ explored the beauty of Utah and the celebrate the native colour palette of the landscape. After traveling to Utah for an artist residency with SUMMIT on Powder Mountain, Moore skilfully arranged found river pebbles, dried wild grasses and bark to create these stunning nature inspired mandalas. Explore more of his work here.

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Today we are featuring the work of textile print designer Simonetta De Simone in our ongoing series highlighting the fantastic designers here on the Patternbank Textile Print Design Studio. Simonetta is an artist/ illustrator who after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, Italy worked with advertising and communication agencies.

Patternbank love her work which is varied in styles from beautiful painted floral work with intricate textured backgrounds to more graphic and photo real designs. Simonetta has a real talent for creating beautiful textures which often feature skins and other clever surface patterns. Check out more of her amazing designs on her profile page here. The featured design above is Strange Garden and is available exclusively on the Patternbank Studio as are all the designs shown here.

Simonetta also has many designs in Patternbank Premium our exclusive area for key buyers in the fashion industry. Patternbank Premium offers one-off bespoke designs (once a design is sold it is instantly removed from the site), this section of the site is a members-only area where you need to apply for access.

High Contrast Pattern available exclusively on our Online Textile Print Design Studio


Tribal available exclusively on our Online Textile Print Design Studio

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