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The Patternbank Team bring you Part 1 of the key Print Trends from the Fall 2017 Menswear Catwalk shows, alongside our curated print designs from The Patternbank Online Textile Studio. Check out more of our Fall 2017 prints at The Patternbank Studio.

DECORATIVE INDIA » Etro / Etro / Ja-21 by Margarita Allard (Premium Studio) / Etro / Ja-19 by Margarita Allard (Premium Studio) / Abstract Paisley Pattern by Tatyana Anisimova / Dolce & Gabbana

Designs available to buy on The Patternbank Studio, Catwalk images via

RUG ROBES » Les Benjamins / Craig Green / Craig Green / Carpet Illusion by Angela23 / Tp-1395 by Soufiane Lafkih / Alexander McQueen / Ethnic Design by MK Designs

Designs available to buy on The Patternbank Studio, Catwalk images via

CALL OF THE WILD » Etro / The Eagle in the Mountains Scene by Jo Mitchell (Premium Design) / Les Benjamins / Etro / Dream Mountains by Dunya Atay / Fierce Animal by Studio Lebra / Balmain

Designs available to buy on The Patternbank Studio, Catwalk images via

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Patternbank brings you some more key print highlights from the Menswear Catwalk collections for Autumn/Winter 2014. Feast your eyes on some strong print looks swinging wildly from the fiery extremes of Bondage Punk to KTZ’s Monochromatic Urban Tribe.

Katie Eary – Fall 2014

Vibrant Animal Skins – Surreal Conversational’s – Mickey Mouse and Disney Iconography – Blurring Techniques – Punk References – Electric Colour

Katie Eary photos via

KTZ – Fall 2014

Black and White Tribal Graphics – Icon and Symbol Motifs – Mosaic Tiled Pattern – Bordered Layouts – Berber and North African References

KTZ photos via

Burberry Prorsum – Fall 2014

Souvenir Silk Scarves – Road Map Prints – Arts and Crafts References – Navajo and Paisley Textiles – Autumnal Maple Leaf Print – Moroccan Textiles

Burberry Prorsum photos via

Christopher Shannon – Fall 2014

Monochrome 6o’s Floral – Psychedelic Wallpaper Prints – Pop Art Visuals – Brit Pop Culture – Tracksuit and Sportswear Deconstructions

Christopher Shannon photos via

Sibling – Fall 2014

Leopard Print Knitwear – Over-sized Cable and Rope Prints – Super-size Macrame – Mystical Symbols – Fair isle Mixes – Patched Denim – Arran and Fur Stripe Mix-up

Sibling photos via

Bobby Abley – Fall 2014


Cartoon Conversational’s – Slogan Graphics – Kitch Disney Horror – Lurid Brain Prints – Bubblegum Pink Mohair – Urban References

Bobby Abley photos via

Patternbank brings you our selection of the key print highlights from London’s Menswear Catwalk collections for Autumn/Winter 2014. With bold shapes, super-sized futuristic images, and photographic monochrome allover prints, these collections deliver a vibrant and eye-catching pattern mix.

Alan Taylor – Fall 2014


Cut Up Graphic Shapes – Flat Painted Brushwork – Oversized Imagery – Minimal Colour Use – Abstract Pattern – Screen Printed Garments

Alan Taylor photos via

Kay Kwok – Fall 2014


Ombré Backgrounds – Glitch and Distortion – All-over Print Layouts – Futuristic Pattern Mixes – Regimented Pinstripes – Digital Pattern

Kay Kwok photos via

Jonathan Saunders – Fall 2014

College Preppy Looks – Polka Dots – Blazer Stripes – Arts and Craft style print – Bleached Out – Harlequin Diamonds – Vivid Knits

Jonathan Saunders photos via

Christopher Kane – Fall 2014

Conversational Scientific Imagery – Quirky Colour Combos – Optical and Sculptural Constructions – Digital Print – Molecular Design

Christopher Kane photos via

Alexander McQueen – Fall 2014


Photographic Prints of Lucien Freud – Super sized Imagery – Tonal and Monochromatic – Traditional Plaids – Embroidered Poetry Extracts

Alexander McQueen photos via

Casely-Hayford – Fall 2014

 All-over Wood Effect Prints – Blurred Tartan – Large Scale Florals – Inverted Colour Plays – Pixillated Animal Placements – Monochrome Stripes

Casely-Hayford photos via

James Long – Fall 2014


Bold Colour Blocking – Cut Out Placements – Modernist Print Styles – Spliced Graphics – Perforated Texture – Matisse Collage – Quilted and Ruched

James Long photos via

J.W.Anderson – Fall 2014


Bold Stripes – Mondrian Arrangements – Simplistic Floral Jacquard – Floral Camo Looks – Oversized Rib Knits – Neutral Colour Combos

J.W.Anderson photos via