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The Patternbank team visited Bristol’s Affordable Art Fair at Brunel’s Old Station last weekend. The Affordable Art Fair’s formula is simple, yet unique: a relaxed, inspiring environment and lots of good quality contemporary art. In this post we give a quick snapshot of our favorite finds whilst walking the show. Check the website for more information on exhibiting artists and galleries and dates for other cites the fair is visiting.

Antlers Gallery

Charles EmersonRose Sanderson @ Antlers Gallery


Harlequin Gallery and The Marle Gallery

Clare Schimdt Norris @ Harlequin GalleryEmma Forrester @ The Marle Gallery


Fourwalls Contemporary Art

Myung Nam AnBecky Blair @ Fourwalls Contemporary Art

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Eugène Séguy (1890 – 1985) was a French entomologist who published many portfolios of illustrations and designs from the turn of the century to the 1930s who worked in both the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. Séguy wanted to use his artistic skill to glorify the sublime beauty of nature, creating what he called a ‘world of sumptuous forms and colours.’ He then transformed these beautiful illustrations into textile designs. Incredible – see more here.


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Patternbank love Madame Peripetie’s surreal interpretations of the human body. Through high-fashion, sculpture, photography and collage Peripetie explores the boundaries between these disciplines experimenting with colour, fabric, texture and patterns. Her inspirations include surrealism, dadadism, the new wave era of the 80’s, British post punk scene and the avant-garde theatre of Robert Wilson. Check out more of her work at and on


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Detail and delicacy are the qualities which stand out in artist Ann ten Donkelaar’s intricate relief work. Donkelaar lives and works in Utrecht, Netherlands where she gathers small pieces of nature. Broken butterflies, flowers and weeds are collected from her garden, “What I enjoy the most about being creative is the collecting of the materials and creating the composition.
I like working with flowers and insects because they are so small and complicated elements. I just fascinated from there forms and colors.”
these are then collaged together with cut out images of flowers an displayed in relief to form intricate almost fairytale gardens. See more from her collection on her website.



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