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The Patternbank team were in awe when we stumbled across the hypnotic and beautiful work of Betsy Walton. Betsy is a US Based illustrator and painter based in Portland Oregon. She explains “ My style is informed by a range of influences including Byzantine icon paintings, American folk art, geometric abstraction, and the work of many contemporary illustrators and painters. I work with a spontaneous approach and few expectations of specific results. I rarely sketch preliminary drawings before diving into a painting, in the belief that the image formed through the painting process itself will be rich, revealing, and vital.” See more of Betsy’s crafted painting on her portfolio site Morningcraft.

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Rachel Newling works with linocut to produce stunning artworks depicting some of Australia’s unique bird species and tropical flora and fauna. The Linocuts are hand printed on to handmade Japanese Washi paper and then hand coloured once the print has dried. Newling uses lightfast acrylic gouache paint and an artist’s proof print as her guide for the colours and tones applied to the print in the same edition, “there are always slight variations as my colouring is “painterly’ therefore each print in an edition is an individual.” Patternbank love her depiction of some wonderful looking Cockatoo’s alongside the native species of Australia. Newling grew up nr Padstow, Cornwall and attended an art school in London, before she made the big move to Australia.

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Botanical simplicity is at the heart of this collection of paintings by Tasmanian artist Jennifer Tyers. Exploring the landscape and drawing from life help her to capture the essence of her surroundings, “Making landscapes is very interesting, as every time it is a challenge. It somehow seems more ‘pure’ than making works in a studio, or any other kind of work that I have done. Maybe it’s the process, or just being away from everything a studio has in it – books, internet, radio, music, people, objects, stuff I like. You have only yourself, and colours and what you see”. Tyers more recently based in Japan has spent time painting in Singapore’s Botanical Gardens and in Borneo as an artist in residence. See more from the artist here.



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Patternbank shared a variety of Kustaa Saksi’s work here back in May 2013 and thought these beautiful Jacquard Textiles on show in Madrid and at the project website were too good to miss. Saski presents surreal and unique artworks manufactured with jacquard weaving technique made of mohair and alpaca wool, cotton and synthetic materials, such as phosphate and metallic acrylic thread. The collection is titled Hypnopompic and features sea creatures, spiders, moneys, snakes and insects amongst a web of complicated patterns and textures. Saksi lives and works in Amsterdam, see more of his talents on his website


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Megan Greene transforms nature prints of paintings by John James Audubon, a nineteenth-century artist known for his realistic yet highly theatrical depictions of “Birds of America”. Greene uses coloured pencils and collage elements to transform and alter the original scenes, sometimes turning them on their heads or sideways. Patternbank love the way birds, flora and fauna become camouflaged within elaborate and decorative patterns creating a distorted view of these beautiful images. Greene lives and works in Chicago, Illinois you can see more of her work at and


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In this new extensive PDF report, Patternbank brings you the essential Spring/Summer 2014 print trend information seen at February’s Première Vision and Indigo shows in Paris. Our trend team were on hand to capture all the seasonal key points from the show. This report brings you the key print trend insights from the show, making this report an indispensable intelligence tool for your seasonal print developments.

  • 12 Première Vision print trends for Spring/Summer 2014

  • 47 pages of inspirational print forecast intelligence

  • Over 130 on trend hand-picked images

  • Indigo Salon Spring/Summer 2014 Print Trend Themes

  • Première Vision Colour trends for S/S 2014 with TCX Pantone references

  • Clean and visually inspiring layout

This 47 page report includes 12 inspirational print trends :-

Contemporary Ikats / Tribal Geometries / Earth & Cracks / Ready for Flight / Fantastic Aqua Life / Fantastic Safari / Horizon Lines/ Stripy Flowers / Exotic Aviary / Folkloric Mix / Strong Shadows / Teeming Vegetation

Whether you are a small print studio, independent freelance designer, manufacturer or clothing line, this extensive report will give you a real insight into the most important print trends for Spring/Summer 2014. This new improved PDF report will be your essential seasonal aid for your new print developments and colour direction.



Patternbank discovered these amazing woodblock prints by artist, John Buck, who’s recently been a featured on Pinterest. Buck primarily a sculptor, started his career in the early 1970s and lives and works in Hawaii and Montana. These prints featuring bottled, botanical scenes in vivid colour and pieces in monochrome, showing images of human life and the world have particularly inspired us. Find more of his work at 


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Patternbank have been tracking Michael Mew’s work for some time now and thought we’d share to those who have not seen his stunning visuals. We love the energy of Mew’s mixed collage paintings, that layer antique flea market finds with pictorial flower studies. Vintage type collides beautifully with hand drawn botanical florals.  Check out more of Mew’s work on his portfolio site

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Patternbank spotted these incredible transformed cardboard pieces by German street artist EVOL. These stencils statements show great attention to detail, depicting light and shadow that transforms surfaces of consumer packaging into fascinating, seemingly multi-dimensional pieces of art.



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We can’t tell you much about Miroco Machiko apart from her being a very talented Japanese artist and illustrator. Nevertheless we just love her charming take on flora in these beautiful paintings. Her use of colour is just stunning and there’s even more delights on her website of a whole menagerie of whimsical animals to admire. Maybe she could design a range of prints based on these paintings, we’re sure they’d be snapped up.


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Patternbank love the surrealist work of Swedish painter, illustrator and designer Max Walter Svanberg. His inspirations are mostly unknown but his work mainly features a woman’s body merged with elements of animals and fauna. They show a wonderful use of pattern, line, shape and texture with some touches of african and tribal art. He co-founded the artist group Imaginisterna in 1948 in Malmo, Sweden and it is here that a retrospective with 160 works will be shown to celebrate the 100 year jubilee of his birth. For details



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