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The Patternbank team are excited to share our latest Autumn/Winter 18/19 print & pattern trends focused towards the Kidswear & Stationery markets. Once again our childrenswear trends team & giftware experts have been scrutinizing and researching the world of design, art, and pattern to create this essential print trend information. This print trend intelligence is aimed to assist and inspire with all your new season’s developments. Don’t forget you can shop our vast print collection dedicated Kidswear category on the Patternbank studio.

Tribal & Folk Crossover Style / Patchwork Pattern Plays / New Tribe Looks / Ethnic & Tribal Florals / Playful Motif Use

Credits: Velvet Embroidered Kimono / Johnny Was / Candy Lane Kidz / Folk Traditional Thai Tiger Pattern by Efva Broberg / Ethnic Botanical by Prisma Studio / Busy Patchwork Quilt by Leanne Friedberg / Country Threads / Leaders of the Pack – Hooligans Magazine / Erika Pochybova / Bunnie Reiss

Woodland Finds / Leaf Studies / Mushroom & Fungi Diagrams / Labeled Nature / Dried Plant Pattern / Linear Studies

Credits: Instagram @rivuletpaper / Bobo Choses / Ellen Hoverkamp / Woodland Watercolour by Matthew Ponting / Watercolor Pattern Acherontia Atropos by Tatyana Komarova / Insect Vintage by Camila Coelho / Keiko Minami / Jill Bliss / Hooligans Magazine

Weird Creatures / Microscopic Findings / Creative Lifeforms / Otherworldly Animals / Stylised Illustrations / Alien Bugs / Imaginative Drawings

Credits: Lepidoptera Obscura / Keyana Franklin Photography / Spring Ocean by Jackie Lee Conroy / Ernst Haeckel / Cosmic Nuggets / Bjorn Lie / Katie Scott / Bjorn Lie / Phil Wheeler

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Patternbank recently teamed up with ‘Make It In Design‘ and supplied our Spring/Summer 18 print trend forecast intelligence to inspire and guide their Summer School pattern course. We’ve selected our key pattern highlights from the recently published galleries.


Check out the full gallery for the Pale Garden Summer trend brief here. View and purchase the Patternbank studio’s designs for the Pale Garden Summer trend collection.

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If you’re looking for more print trend inspiration for Spring/Summer 2014, look no further than Basement Jaxx’s new video by Big Active’s Mat Maitland. This Psychedelic visual safari takes you on a real journey through some of the key prints themes coming through for S/S14. These include: Tropical Utopia and Scientific Nature from Patternbanks Spring/Summer 2014 Print report Part 1. Other trends translated in the video’s visual exploration include: Tribal Geometries, Fantastic Aqua-Life Earth + Cracks and Fantastic Safari from our Première Vision + Indigo S/S 2014 Print trend report.

The promo, co-directed with Natalia Stuyk, features Mat Maitland’s signature collage style along with specially made items by French hair stylist / fashion designer Charlie Le Mindu and make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench. Maitland also shot the sleeve image which similarly uses a Le Mindu headpiece. (Video at the foot of page)



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These beautiful and delicate photographic collages are the inspirational work of Ysabel LeMay. LeMay lives in Naples, Florida where she finds the tranquility to focus on her art. Recently, she has been drawing the attention of the New York city art scene. She collaborates with Interior designers, architects, art dealers and art galleries in major cities such as New York, Chicago and Miami. Ysabel explains “Each branch, each flower, each leaf is photographed and positioned one by one. Every insect, every plant, every bird that I capture with my lens has an individuality that I want to enhance and share with the viewer. I believe it is often in the simple details wherein lies divinity.” See more of her stunning work at



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With brave new worlds and tropical wonderlands, two key trends coming through for Spring/Summer 2014, Patternbank wanted to share the amazing work of Russian graphic artist Tatiana Plakhova. Her complex and mesmerizing digital paintings trace natural floral forms and biological studies in intense mathematic linear state. Check out her portfolio site for a glimpse into her science fiction-like botanical garden

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The resort Spring 2013 collections are showing some inspiring prints and Patternbank love Frida Giannini’s collection for Gucci, see our Première Vision + Indigo – Spring/Summer 2013 Print Trends – Garden Crop for more floral inspiration. These beautiful hand drawn florals that appeared on everything from a floor-length burgundy gowns to a white linen peacoat, looked striking on their solid colour backgrounds. In fact the Flora print was used in her debut collection of accessories for the house in 1997 to decorate various garments. Images via


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We can’t tell you much about Miroco Machiko apart from her being a very talented Japanese artist and illustrator. Nevertheless we just love her charming take on flora in these beautiful paintings. Her use of colour is just stunning and there’s even more delights on her website of a whole menagerie of whimsical animals to admire. Maybe she could design a range of prints based on these paintings, we’re sure they’d be snapped up.


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