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Patternbank discovered these amazing woodblock prints by artist, John Buck, who’s recently been a featured on Pinterest. Buck primarily a sculptor, started his career in the early 1970s and lives and works in Hawaii and Montana. These prints featuring bottled, botanical scenes in vivid colour and pieces in monochrome, showing images of human life and the world have particularly inspired us. Find more of his work at 


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When Patternbank first stubbled on these images on Pinterest we did a double take, first assuming they were another interpretation of the many double exposure photographs that seem to be everywhere at the moment. In fact when we took a closer look at Pakayal Rae Biehhns work on her website we discovered they are her own beautiful take on this much loved photo technique. Biehn uses oils and acrylics on canvas and paints life-like floral designs over some of her favourite images. The result is very convincing and where you can see her brush marks it makes for all the more interest.


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Pushing digital boundaries in computer aided art can be powerful and visually stimulating. Berlin based ZEITGUISED are masters in digital expression and are at the cutting edge of computer based image manipulation. Their portfolio is full of inspirational visual projects but this collection, Sample Sample caught our eye. Here ZEITGUISED explore the micro structures of woven fabric and recreate as amazing digital 3D sculptures. Check out more of their inspirational pieces on their site. 

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Patternbank love these freaky limited edition t-shirts. More pieces of digital art than garments, and with only 10 copies of each design printed. This project is the vision of media artist Sterling Crispin, who has collaborated with a handful of well known and up and coming artists to create a real visual treat.  The project is channeled through, where you can purchase these limited edition pieces.

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Patternbank breaks down the key print trends from the Cruise/Resort Pre Spring 2013 catwalk Shows. These shows are a great insight into the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk shows (which we’ll also be covering). Here we bring you a concise overview of the most influential print trends emerging from these recent Resort shows. This is the first instalment featuring six key print trend stories, Part 2 will follow shortly. Sign up to our Newsletter to find out when part 2 is live on the site.

Abstract Pattern

Oil Paint Expression – Loosely Rendered Pattern – Marbling and Mineral pattern references – Freshly Painted form – Movement Lines – Unexpected Brights

Monique LhuillierIssey Miyake, Issey MiyakeJohn GallianoTSEChristopher KanePreenJosie Natori. Photos Via

Border Decor

Dissected Border Prints – Stripes in Border format – Intense Border use – Deconstructed Paisley Print Elements – Enlarged Border detail – New Forms of Engineered Prints –  Repositioned pattern structures – Baroque Border prints

Carolina HerreraRoberto Cavalli, CelineAntonio Berardi, EtroAnna Sui, Nanette LeporeAnna Sui, Givenchy.   Photos Via

Brushed Statements

Subtle Art Brush Strokes – Paint Dabs – Oil Paint Textures – Bold & Bright Colour Hues – Fun Paint statements – Gradient Colour effects – Single Stroke Brush Marks – Brush Movement Marks – Textured Brush Patterns – Mixed scale brush work

Emporio ArmaniGabriele ColangeloTribune Standard, Carolina Herrera,  Christopher Kane,  Christopher Kane.  Photos Via

Ethnic Energy

Native American References – Twisted Cultures – Tribal Reworks with Folkloric inspirations – Energetic visuals – Vibrant Brights – Summer Ikat looks

Bibhu Mohapatra, Mara Hoffman, Tory BurchVersace, AltuzarraBCBG Max AzriaAltuzarraThakoon, BCBG Max Azria.  Photos Via

Intense Bloom

Mid Scale Florals – Powerful, Bold Colour Plays – Vivid Color mixes – Saturated Prints & Botanical Studies – Tropical References – Overgrown Country Gardens Studies – 60s Vibe Florals

PreenFrancesco Scognamiglio, Alice + Olivia, Barbara Tfank, GucciStella McCartneyMother of PearlMoschinoMarc Jacobs.   Photos Via

Monochrome Impact

Stark Contrasting Patterns – Optical Plays – Floral mixed with Geometric Prints – Structure and linear form visuals – High contrast statements – Chevron and Stripe Abstract Prints

Balmain, Rachel RoyC’N’C Costume National, Anna Sui, Emilio PucciAntonio Marras.   Photos Via

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After visiting the recent Bread & Butter show in Berlin, the Patternbank team saw that photographic prints are still featuring strong for Spring/Summer 2013 graphics. Colourful, surreal prints are still a main focus for many brands for next summer. With this in mind we thought we’d share these imaginary photo collage prints from Beth Hoeckel. Mixing realist and surrealist Hoeckel’s work plays with the juxtaposition between foreground and background objects. Baltimore based Hoeckel is a collage artist and photographer who loves the control of real paper, ink and adhesive.

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We discovered this digital collection by Atsushi Kuba, a artist from Japan and were captivated by his bold geometric images. His work is a complex riot of colour and he creates movement and depth with layers of digital effects. Check out his intricate pencil drawings and fusion pieces combining pencil and digital art on Flickr.

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Patternbank love these Prism like Paintings by Shannon Finley. Through an intensive process, Finley applies numerous, translucent layers of acrylic paint and industrial polymers onto canvas with specially designed palette knives. The result is prism-like surfaces with subtle colour and texture creating an almost 3-D effect. You can see more of his work at


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With painterly print effects still trending on recent catwalks and print shows, Patternbank saw these incredible artworks. Chris Trueman lives and works in the Los Angeles area and is graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute. His paintings are a explosion of colour , linear forms and abstract texture. In his latest dynamic collection, entitled ‘Stripes’, Trueman explores geometric form and fluid movement to create a visual feast. See more of his work at his portfolio site

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The Future looks bright with Tomokazu Matsuyama’s interpretation of a technophilic, chaotic, energetic world bursting with bright colours and Asian symbols and superstitions. This current exhibition showing at the Frey Norris Gallery in San Francisco consists of sculptures and a mixture of small and large paintings in strange and amorphous shapes, rectilinear and curvaceous. Matsuyama grew up in both California and Japan and currently lives in New York city. We love his collage technique and how pattern and colour collide together to form a rather chaotic if not optimistic world. To see more about the exhibition go to and Tomokazu’s website


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Mike Perry is compelled by the ways in which the hand-drawn informs and deepens contemporary visual culture. Perry works regularly for a number of editorial and commercial clients including Apple, The New York Times, Dell, Target, Urban Outfitters. Most days, he can be found working away in his Brooklyn-based studio, ceaselessly mixing colors, pulling prints, building sculptures and exercising his belief in the transformative power of making things.

In addition to his commercial, non-profit, and art work, Perry has also published extensively. His first book, Hand Job, published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2006, focuses specifically on the relevance and beauty of hand-drawn type in the digital age. Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-drawn Patterns (Fall 2008), explores the similarly nuanced texture, humor, and elegance of illustrative patterns. A third book, entitled Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing, was released in March 2011. Check out more of his extensive output at and then go buy some awesome artwork from his shop.


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Patternbank love all the collaged photographic floral looks that seem to be everywhere at the moment. For some inspiration we have a few of our favourites here. Ben Giles is a prolific, collages artist from Suffolk, England. His outstanding eye for imagery allows him to create these packed floral pieces. See more of his work at cargo and on and

Ashkan Honarvar creates some wild artworks with somewhat macabre imagery. Vanitas is an artistic collaboration with stylist Kathi Kauder and photographer Sabrina Theissen. For more see

Valeria Alvera chooses classical black and white imagery with vibrant photographic collage built florals.

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Patternbank have been tracking Michael Mew’s work for some time now and thought we’d share to those who have not seen his stunning visuals. We love the energy of Mew’s mixed collage paintings, that layer antique flea market finds with pictorial flower studies. Vintage type collides beautifully with hand drawn botanical florals.  Check out more of Mew’s work on his portfolio site

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(\DARKHOR5E/) is Brian Porray’s first major Los Angeles exhibition for Western Project, a gallery in Los Angeles. Porray paints and collages these immense works influenced by his twenty-plus years on the neon streets of Las Vegas. “This work is sort of like the psychedelic memory of a psychedelic memory. All of these pieces are focused solely on the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, an enormous black pyramid shaped mega-resort that was built during my first year of high school.” – Brian Porray. Patternbank love his use of clashing neon colour and pattern mixes, which with the sheer size of these paintings must make for great viewing. To see more of his work, and


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Patternbank love the chaotic rhythms of New Zealand based artist James Cousins. With not an ounce of Photoshop trickery, Cousins paints alluring abstract imagery that mixes nature and erratic pattern forms. These sublime impressions are scored with geometric patterns, grid statements or concentric circles, creating a variegated visual filter and further distorting the image beneath. Check out more of his work at Ryan Renshaw’s gallery site.

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Patternbank love these embroidered pieces by textile artist and printmaker Mandy Pattullo. Mandy works from her studio in Northumberland and runs some fabulous textile and printmaking workshops. We love the Jubilee workshop day which Mandy is running with her daughter Alice, where you can make an embroidered and beaded tiara or crown picture! Talent must run in the family as Alice is an illustrator. Mandy’s love of vintage fabrics shows itself in more of her work where she loves to piece together fabrics and found objects with small precious pieces of embroidery. You can see more of her beautiful creations at


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We Make Carpets is an art collective consisting of Stijn van der Vleuten, Marcia Nolte, and Bob Waardenburg. They make temporary structures that resemble carpets from a distance. The Patterbank team’s favourite piece is the intricate pattern form made up of pastel coloured plastic cutlery. The artists have also made carpets out of medical tape, cotton balls, balloons, screws, cocktail sticks and pasta. The carpets are temporary, made on the spot with no thought out plans or sketches beforehand. See more of these wonderful pattern pieces at 

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Sticking with the Australian flavour, we also saw these large scale collage pieces the other day and thought we’d share. Rone is one of the most iconic graffiti artists of Australia, his work hides under many overpasses throughout the city of Melbourne. Over the years the now famed artist reached street acclaim for plastering large canvases depicting faces of “girls” throughout the urban centers of Australia, London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Barcelona and Hong Kong. We love the semi translucent collage technique that gives these new pieces real depth and visual intrigue.

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