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Patternbank love the lively and frenzied brushstrokes used in JonOne’s immense canvases. John Perello or JonOne as he is known on the streets of Harlem where he grew up and where graffiti and tags were part of everyday life, now limits his work to canvas. Although JonOne’s work is still on the scale found on the streets of New York. Elements of Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet and Henri Matisse can be seen amidst the colourful urban jungle that make up his style. Check out more of his colourful side of life at


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Patternbank were drawn to these amazing abstracted architectural drawings from Lekan Jeyifous’ ‘Settlement and City Strategies’ series. Though outputted digitally, the drawings possess a textured and painterly quality as a result of combining hand-drawn sketches, industrial textures, surfaces of deteriorated paper, and digital architectural models. See more of Lekan’s work on his portfolio site



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Dan Parry-Jones trained and worked in illustration and graphic design before turning to paint in 2008. Patternbank love the expressive feel to his work which reflect his immediate surroundings of Bristol and the beauty of the south-west coastline. Mixed media, combining layers of impasto palette knife backgrounds with elements of typography, collage and screen printed detail is used to great effect to show the raw beauty that can be found in both the urban and the countryside alike. Dan Parry-Jones is showing at The Store Street Gallery, London from 31st March 2013.


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Patternbank are loving the macarbe compositions of silhouetted animals and plant forms expertly put together by artist Darren Waterston. Waterston is currently exhibiting at The Legion of Honor, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. The exhibition showcases the portfolio A Swarm, A Flock, A Host: A Compendium of Creatures, 12 colour aquatints by Waterston and text plates featuring a poem by award-winning writer Mark Doty. The portfolio is a contemporary version of a medieval bestiary, a literary and illustrative form in which animal species, as well as mythological creatures, are catalogued encyclopaedically. “As Mark’s extraordinary poetry took form,” Waterston has said, “I painted in response, inspired by his words though not directly illustrating them.” Check out more of his fascinating paintings at


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The amazingly talented illustrator and designer Sarah Arnett can’t fail to inspire you with her impressive portfolio. After initially studying in woven textiles, Arnett graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA Hons in Fashion Design. Her childhood was spent in Africa where she spent hours watching her father in his studio, while he drew and created collages. Much of her inspiration is derived from the the African landscape, with its rich variety of tropical plants which are a key feature throughout her work. Her latest collection for Spring/Summer 2013 ‘Modern Love’ which she has collaborated on with Kim Hunt, displays the deep vibrant colourways of the African terrain. Her latest illustrated work for an exhibition entitled ‘The Illustrated Recipe’ is on show at the ‘Brighton Festival’, until 26th May, see her website for more info.





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When Katherine Harvey meticulously applies paint to canvas, she’s able to reproduce the dramatic quality a camera creates on a slow shutter speed. These paintings of light show movement and vibrancy with flashes of coloured brushstrokes creating an energetic pattern. Katherine inspires a more serene emotion from her jewel like, water inspired artworks. On close inspection they’re a beautiful collection of parallel brushstrokes, but viewed at distance her application of paint and colour creates the magical effect of gazing through a waterfall. Visit her website to learn more about her ethos and to see her amazing collection of  plastic bottle installations.



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Patternbank love Pedro Friedeberg’s obsessively crowded and meticulously detailed canvases, with their highly patterned buildings, icons and symbols, they’re a textile designers dream. Featuring references to religion such as Catholiscm and Hinduism, with symbols from the occult and Tantric scriptures, his paintings are full of wonder and fantasy. Into all this he’ll add classical images and Disney figures making them full of surprise and great examples of Surrealism or fantastic realism. Friedeberg was born in Florence, Italy when at the age of 3 his parents immigrated to Mexico. Here he studied architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana, where he was profoundly influenced by the teaching of Mathias Goeritz. Check out his website where you can read more on his thoughts of the world and art.


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We’re loving these paintings by Brooklyn based Michael Dotson who graduated from the American University in Washington DC in 2011. Incorporating a surrealist mix of Tron like futurism, neon 80’s tinged colours and a juxtaposition of organic foliage, patterns and hard angles these paintings are truly stunning. Go check his website for more or his Flickr page.


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Patternbank loves the awe-inspiring street art by Greek illustrator and artist Alexandros Vasmoulakis. We were drawn to his fresh contemporary take on street art. Graffiti was the  foundation for his progression into painting, and after studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Vasmoulakis worked as an illustrator with advertising companies producing ad murals. See more of Alexandros abstract wall murals on his portfolio site



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In this new extensive PDF report, Patternbank brings you the essential Spring/Summer 2014 print trend information seen at February’s Première Vision and Indigo shows in Paris. Our trend team were on hand to capture all the seasonal key points from the show. This report brings you the key print trend insights from the show, making this report an indispensable intelligence tool for your seasonal print developments.

  • 12 Première Vision print trends for Spring/Summer 2014

  • 47 pages of inspirational print forecast intelligence

  • Over 130 on trend hand-picked images

  • Indigo Salon Spring/Summer 2014 Print Trend Themes

  • Première Vision Colour trends for S/S 2014 with TCX Pantone references

  • Clean and visually inspiring layout

This 47 page report includes 12 inspirational print trends :-

Contemporary Ikats / Tribal Geometries / Earth & Cracks / Ready for Flight / Fantastic Aqua Life / Fantastic Safari / Horizon Lines/ Stripy Flowers / Exotic Aviary / Folkloric Mix / Strong Shadows / Teeming Vegetation

Whether you are a small print studio, independent freelance designer, manufacturer or clothing line, this extensive report will give you a real insight into the most important print trends for Spring/Summer 2014. This new improved PDF report will be your essential seasonal aid for your new print developments and colour direction.



Jonathan McCree’s landscape paintings take us on an uncharted journey where he plays with scale, colour and perspective. Canvases are torn and cut up then re-assembled so that traditional devices such as foreground, middle and distance become redundant creating a picture with many interesting levels. McCree studied at the University of Sussex and has exhibited world-wide including Art Miami and Palm Beach Art Fair. You can see more of his work at


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José Lerma creates a mixture of paintings and intricate installations combining non-traditional materials from reflective fabrics, commercial carpet, thickly applied paint and biro pen. In this he makes reference to his own personal history and academic knowledge of social history, law and art. Some of these images feature Baroque style portraits of historical, famous French Bankers from 18th Century sporting over-exaggerrated sketchy, doodle wigs with distorted and blank faces. The scale of the installation pieces has great effect where the viewer can walk over and examine at detail. Lerma says, ” I like the thought of people walking over my ideas, convoluted and preliminary as they often are, and examining and stepping over an intimate space while simultaneously feeling small.” You can see more of is highly spell bounding work at  and on flickr


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Anne Sofie Melgaard manages to convey such wonderful texture and colour-use in her paintings of tropical gardens. Foliage appears in relief next to vividly painted tropical flowers that stand proud, all fighting to be noticed. The vases and bowls the plants jostle in are just as important in their decoration with fun geometric patterns, that you almost want to go and create your own brightly coloured garden! Melgaard is exhibiting at Bie & Vadstrup Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark in March 2013 and you can see more of her magical work at


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With the Spring/Summer season just around the corner, keeping track of new and emerging graphic tee shirt trends is key. Patternbank spotted these graphic delights by street-wear brand Carhartt. They have just released a batch of 70 strong tee shirt styles with a real mix of inspiring graphic. The S/S13 collection sees a strong visual play on twisted retro sports graphics, outdoor hunting themes and comic book inspired prints. Guest artists called upon these season included: David Lanaspa, Doubleday & Cartwright, Rise Above, Typeholics, Playarea, Will Kemp, and Sergey Shapiro. Check out the full range at Carharrt website.



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Wonderful mixed-media collage here by Austin, Texas based artist Xochi Solis. In addition to her studio practice, she is also the Director of Events and Public Programming at the Visual Arts Center, University of Texas at Austin. We love the way she builds up the different elements of mixed-media, one on top of each other to resemble some sort of layered molecular structure. Find more of her captivating work on her website.


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We love these paintings by Michelle Armas, they’re so free, abstract and seemingly effortless with the most beautiful colour palettes. Until a few years ago her job was corporate branding in a busy New York studio, she started painting to battle the stress and now makes a living out of it, good on you Michelle. Check out more of her excuisite work on her website.


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Kelsey Brookes lives and works in San Diego, California. Brookes’ career began in Science as a biochemist but he soon became unfulfilled in this world and sort a life as a painter. Brookes’ describes his art as “an unrefined and, some would say, unskilled mix of sex, comedy and animals which is derived from a passion for all three, except not necessarily all at the same time.” Patternbank love his brightly coloured micro scenes created in minute detail. Check out more of Kelsey Brookes’ work at his website and at 


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These beautiful and delicate photographic collages are the inspirational work of Ysabel LeMay. LeMay lives in Naples, Florida where she finds the tranquility to focus on her art. Recently, she has been drawing the attention of the New York city art scene. She collaborates with Interior designers, architects, art dealers and art galleries in major cities such as New York, Chicago and Miami. Ysabel explains “Each branch, each flower, each leaf is photographed and positioned one by one. Every insect, every plant, every bird that I capture with my lens has an individuality that I want to enhance and share with the viewer. I believe it is often in the simple details wherein lies divinity.” See more of her stunning work at



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Gus Leunig is a Melbourne artist and musician and a talent to watch. His “My Life is a Dog” series was a sell-out at Art Sydney 2009 and in 2010 he had his first solo exhibition at Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne. In 2004, Leunig spent time living with his artist-father Michael Leunig in a small aboriginal community, Lockhart River. Here he worked alongside Aboriginal artists in the local Arts Centre, where his love for the territory and it’s people, gave him the passion to paint. Leunig’s most recent exhibition at the Libby Edwards Galleries featured works layered with intense colour and detail, inspired by nature, animals, his newborn son and his beloved dog Desmond. Photos via


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Patternbank love these paintings by Swedish artist Fredrik Åkum who uses instant polaroid snaps to capture his subject. Åkum translates this imagery using acrylic on to MDF. The result is of blossoms, trees and portraits sun drenched in an almost luminous light, quite beautiful. Check out more of his work at


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