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Patternbank love the intricate drawing style of Japanese artist and painter Maki Ohkojima. Ohkojima creates these stunning murals which feature beautiful creatures and plant life with small areas painted in colour detail, whilst beyond, the drawing is kept black and white. This Ohkojima says is her way of illustrating how we record a beautiful landscape with a camera but without capturing the scene in it’s entirety. Ohkojima extends the picture by going beyond the captured image and drawing with her sprawling murals. Ohkojima has also painted murals for the Wall Art Festival in Ganjad Village, Mandir, India. See more of her uplifting work on her website


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Simplicity of shape and layering create these jewel like artworks by Shannon Rankin. Bold brights are revealed through eyelets and peep holes and translucent layers combine to create frosted overlapping shades. Shannon’s work with paper involves delicate, folding pinning and cutting, another of her recent collections which exhibits her painstaking skill explores maps and anatomy, highlighting the relationship between geological and botanical processes. To see more visit her website here.



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The Patternbank team love these exciting illustrated explorations by Kansas City based artist Micah Lidberg. His work takes inspiration from his love of travel and the beautiful wonders of nature. Micah illustrations have a surreal and other worldly look to them with use of strong colour  and bizarre pattern plays. Check out more of his work on his portfolio site Micah Lidberg.



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London Based artist Mark Powell has been creating stunning visual masterpieces. Powell reuses found vintage envelopes as canvases for his detailed biro studies.
“I like to think that I am preserving a little bit of history in some small way as some of the envelopes date back to 1852, I feel that this adds extra character over that of a blank sheet of paper.” Explains Powell. See more of his incredible artworks for sale on



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Hannah Whitaker uses a variety of techniques from multiple exposures to shooting through cut-paper shapes to produce her large photographic prints. Based in Brooklyn, Whitaker likes to adopt a mathematical approach to her work with a touch of Gee’s Bend quilt patterns giving another dimension to her photographs. Nature and landscapes become illusions with their complexity where windows, mirrors and opaque objects play tricks with our eyes. Whitaker is contributing to a group exhibition at M+B organised by Phil Chang and Matthew Porter, Soft Tarket is on view from 26th June until August 30th 2014.


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Starla Michelle’s paintings are captivating with there intense splashes of colour, minute details of pattern and beautifully painted flowers and animals. Michelle’s larger oil paintings can take over a year to complete which is not surprising when you see the amount of work that goes into them. Anthropologie have featured her work in their store and her paintings and limited edition prints are available to buy on her website


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Sebastian Vallejo may now live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY but his homeland of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean is where he finds inspiration for his paintings, in particular the nature, colours and light that can be found there. Patternbank love the way he incorporates different materials into his work such as glitter, textiles and plastic bags creating layers of texture and pattern with neon spray paints, truly tropical! Check out more of Vallejo’s paintings on his website


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Rich in colour and decoratively adorned with birds, flower blossoms and patterned texture, Kathe Fraga’s paintings evoke the hand-painted quality of grand old Parisian mansions. Fraga’s work is inspired by the Chinoiserie style, vintage kimonos, blocked wallpaper and time spent living in the beautiful old cities of South America, Denmark, England and France. Check out more of her beautiful paintings at


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American ceramic artist Nathan Craven constructs these beautiful installations using ceramics and his own version of bricks, defining space in ways that determine our interactions with architecture and volume. Craven constructs walls and floors that draw your attention to spaces that would otherwise go unnoticed and interaction is essential. Like cosmic puzzles these patterns fit together and transform the spaces they incorporate. Check out more of his captivating artwork and the process involved at


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Helsinki-based Illustrator and graphic designer Janine Rewell joined forces with shoe designer Minna Parikka to create a captivating ad campaign for Minna’s SS14 collection. This exciting combination of striking graphic art and body paint skilfully highlighting Minna’s quirky footwear can’t fail to grab the attention. The campaign was not only in photo form but with the addition of music and dance this design duo transformed the store windows into a performance spectacle. The Scandinavian illustrator draws her inspiration from a mix of geometry found in nature and Slavic folk art creating designs with visual impact and retro appeal. It’s no surprise that these influences teamed with her use of bold colour have won her numerous awards and an impressive client list. Indulge your senses and see the video here.



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These stunning digitalised explorations are the work of American artist Heath West. West is a design architect currently living in Houston, Texas. West’s work focuses on the structure and transformation of space, exploring how our environments may be composed as a series of points(centres) and lines(trajectories) that fold reflectively into the practice of everyday life. West is more well known for his intricate geometric-pattern gradients but his newer floral based digital artworks caught our eye recently – enjoy!



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The Patternbank team are loving Mark Wilson’s unique and colourful digital computer drawings. Wilson has been experimenting with contemporary digital art since the nineteen seventies and has been using computers to craft some truly amazing art pieces. In 1980, Wilson purchased a microcomputer and began to learn programming, with the goal of creating artworks. This work has continued, and his computer generated works have been widely exhibited, both in the U.S. and in Europe. The computer has, in his words, the power to become a ‘democratic art making machine’. See his full catalogue of stunning digital creations at



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Drawing inspiration from a deep spiritual bond with the Australian landscape Joshua Yeldham creates detailed, stylistic studies of his natural environment. The Sydney born artist has studied his craft in various countries around the globe but the subject matter within his work comes from his New South Wales roots and life around the Hawksbury River. His pieces often contain recurring symbolic motifs within the intricate patterning and texture and frequently birds are the main feature of his work. Joshua’s next solo exhibition will be at the Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong on 8th May 2014, or to see more of his work here.



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Patternbank are loving these intriguing photographic mandalas by master of observation Ross Holden.These kaleidoscopic images are made up of fleeting views of everyday life which Holden arranges in repeat to produce these highly patterned mandala wheels. On close inspection these artworks are crammed with the witty and the mundane depicting daily life and representing the repetitive imagery churned out by the media. See more from Ross Holden here.



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Patternbank love these beautiful botanical illustrations found on We couldn’t find much information about them except their title SH404 illustration so would love to hear more about the artist. The simplicity in their arrangement, subtle colours with faded shadow backgrounds and other hand drawn and printed details, give them a feeling of oriental botanical plates which show great beauty.


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The Patternbank team stumbled upon these intricate type and pattern formations created by Dutch artist Hansje Van Halem. Halem graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2003 and now works as an independent graphic designer. She has great love for typography, book design and all other types of printed matter. We love Hansje’s pattern Sketchbook which is is a compilation of self generated, commissioned, applied, rejected and unfinished sketches, type drawings, experiments, patterns and failures made between 2003 and 2013.




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Sarajo Frieden is an artist and illlustrator based in Los Angeles. She works from a studio that borders Thai Town, Little Armenia and Koreatown, with Guatemalan and Salvadoran bakeries nearby. The cacophony of hand-painted signs in a variety of languages serves as both inspiration and daily reminder that the ordinary is often extraordinary and nothing is what it seems. For more of her amazing work go to


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Merijn Hos is an illustrator and visual artists based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He divides his time between working as a commercial illustrator and on personal projects, exhibitions and independent publishing. The Patternbank team love Hos’s quirky pattern plays and surreal subject matter explorations. See more of his mind bending creations using print, pattern and illustration at his personal site



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Jp King is a writer, designer and publisher from Toronto Canada, with a self confessed paper obsession. His love of paper manifests itself in collage and installation murals, and Jp also indulges his interest running ‘Paper Pusher’ an experimental Risograph print and design studio. This calendar is a result of one of his experiments, the combination of fluorescent pink ink with the simple lines of geometric shapes, creates an illusion of depth and dimension. Patternbank loves his use of half tones and the overlay of elementary shapes and lines creating stylish prints with a retro appeal. See more here.


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