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This clashing series of intricately composed and collaged photographs are the work of New Yorker Daniel Gordon. Captured in his studio on large format film, these highly patterned still life set ups are built using props from shrink wrapped and artificially coloured fruit to abstract looking plants, with backdrops of hand cut collage and strategically placed photographic imagery. The overall effect pokes fun at the historical cliché of the traditional still life and injects a spark of modernism into the familiar. See more from Daniel’s portfolio here.



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Victoria _&_Albert_print_pattern_ipad_app_William_Morris_9

We love a bit of tech at Patternbank and we thought we’d share this beautifully stylish iPad app from the Victoria & Albert Museum. The game is based on William Morris’s classic 19th century textile print the “Strawberry Thief”. In the game you use the Strawberry Thief bird as your cursor to collect fruit and repaint this Arts & Crafts master piece. First you uncover pencil work of swirling vines and intricate flowers on paper, then basic colours fills the screen and finally rich colour and texture brings the 1883 artwork to life.

Games designer in residence at the V&A Sophia George was the creative brains behind this touchscreen app, bringing the Arts & Crafts movement bang up to date in stunning style. You can download the app for free in the App Store.

Victoria _&_Albert_print_pattern_ipad_app_William_Morris_5

Victoria _&_Albert_print_pattern_ipad_app_William_Morris_6

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In fine detail Tiffany Bozic paints observing the intricacies of nature from first hand experience. Painting with acrylic on maple panels of wood Tiffany’s subject matter is varied from beautiful botanic florals to intriguing plant life and animals from the depths of the sea bed. An exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York is currently showing a selection of new works, Qualia until 15th November 2014. You can see more of her stunning observations in nature at


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These vibrant tropical prints are the work of Mexican illustrator Elena Boils. The freelance illustrator graduated from University College Falmouth in 2012 and now lives and works in the UK. Her designs are mix of hand and digitally created images with her influences coming from both nature and the surreal. We love Elena’s bold colour palate and the contrast of stylised tropicals and cacti set against a backdrop of hard geometric lines. See more from the artists portfolio here.



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You might recognise some of these amazing smeared and marbled artworks from Spanish artist Yago Hortal. His work has been doing the rounds on many art blogs and trends sites. Hortal was born in Barcelona in 1983 and now lives and works in Berlin. The Patternbank team have been following his colourful acrylic paintings for some time now and thought we should finally share. Enjoy more of his work on his portfolio site



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On close inspection these other worldly landscapes by artist Kate Shaw appear as a collaged mass of vivid marbling and ombre grounds, but with perspective the magic of her technique is revealed. Her lava like mixes of contrasting colours form mountains and the shaded grounds become fiery sunsets, the effect is mesmerising. Find out more about Kate and check out the rest of her work here.



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Patternbank recent stumbled upon this Osaka based graphic artist and illustrator Swich Spice. We love Swich Spice’s use of mixed media pattern and graphic subject matter. Here Swich Spice mixes photo real drawings and geometric pattern backdrops to create some amazing visual statements. Check out more of his work on his Behance & portfolio sites.



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For those who’s summer holiday travels are sadly over but are still dreaming of next year’s destinations and adventures , Patternbank can indulge your wanderlust. Toronto based artist Jazzberry Blue has designed this eye-catching collection of colour blocked city maps. This kaleidoscopic vision of each city’s street layout, are highlighted with simple colour blocking. These unique patterns within their urban sprawl are revealed from the uniform grid patterns of New York to the mandala effects in Delhi and the curved flow of Jerusalem’s streets. Take a peek at the rest of Jazzberry Blue’s projects here.



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The Patternbank Team thought we would share the work of Mark Whalen, Australian born artist who is currently showing at the Melbourne Art Fair with blackartprojects. Based in Los Angeles, Whalen’s work depicts outer-space environments using geometric perspective, illustrating rituals and ancient cultures with strange characters that dance, contort and interact in unusual ways. Check out more of his work including beautiful ceramics at

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The patternbank Team thought we would share the installation work of Cameron Gray which exhibited back in 2013 at the Miami Art Fair, presented by the Mike Wiess Gallery, Gray exhibited “Birth of a Legend”, an explosive riot of neon colour, state-of-the-art digital technology and hypnotic kitsch. The installation featured 27 stacked monitors looping a digital animation amongst other sculptures made of unrelated bric-a-brac and bursting with colour. Make of it what you will but we just love the sense of humour and chaos that collide to make these mind blowing images.


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Matt Lyon also known as C86 is a London-based artist and illustrator who loves to draw and doodle, creating wild shapes and patterns in vivid tropical colour. Lyon is a master of typography directly working with pen on paper where he captures the shapes and letterforms and then adds tonal colour from dark to light. The inspiration for many of his magical and playful fantasy lands where patterns and shapes emerge from allover, range from an interest in art and culture, including Folk Art, Paul Klee, Jean Dubuffet and illustrators, Jim Flora, Heinz Edelmann and David Klein. Lyon has worked for Nike, AOL, AT&T and Microsoft and his designs have been widely seen in books, magazines and wall spaces. See more at


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Yorkshire born illustrator John Broadley’s work has a distinct hand made, screen printed quality to his work. The artist initially achieved this look using a photocopier, manually changing the ink cartridges end making colour separations using a tippex pen, since then he has been manipulating the drawings to look like screen prints in photoshop. His influences come from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s films, and authors and playwrights such as Somerset Maugham, Roald Dahl and Richard Brautigan. To get a little more inside info on the artist’s book of comic strips take a peek at this interview with Book by its Cover here.



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Patternbank love the vibrantly colourful paintings and prints by Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. Milhazes is well known for her work which draws on both Latin American and European Traditions. A first major retrospective of her large-scale abstract paintings inspired by Brazilian and European Modernism, Baroque forms, popular culture, and the decorations of Carnival is on show from Sept 19th 2014 – Jan 18th 2015 at Pérez Art Museum Miami.


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The Patternbank team are loving the expressive illustrations of Spanish artist Diego Marmolejo. Barcelona based illustrator Marmolejo describes himself as ‘a normal person who draws weird stuff, I talk with my fingers’. We love his beautiful illustrations which combine strong colour, floral pattern and strange goings on – amazing stuff. Check out more of his playful artworks on his site



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Patternbank love the intricate drawing style of Japanese artist and painter Maki Ohkojima. Ohkojima creates these stunning murals which feature beautiful creatures and plant life with small areas painted in colour detail, whilst beyond, the drawing is kept black and white. This Ohkojima says is her way of illustrating how we record a beautiful landscape with a camera but without capturing the scene in it’s entirety. Ohkojima extends the picture by going beyond the captured image and drawing with her sprawling murals. Ohkojima has also painted murals for the Wall Art Festival in Ganjad Village, Mandir, India. See more of her uplifting work on her website


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Simplicity of shape and layering create these jewel like artworks by Shannon Rankin. Bold brights are revealed through eyelets and peep holes and translucent layers combine to create frosted overlapping shades. Shannon’s work with paper involves delicate, folding pinning and cutting, another of her recent collections which exhibits her painstaking skill explores maps and anatomy, highlighting the relationship between geological and botanical processes. To see more visit her website here.



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The Patternbank team love these exciting illustrated explorations by Kansas City based artist Micah Lidberg. His work takes inspiration from his love of travel and the beautiful wonders of nature. Micah illustrations have a surreal and other worldly look to them with use of strong colour  and bizarre pattern plays. Check out more of his work on his portfolio site Micah Lidberg.



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London Based artist Mark Powell has been creating stunning visual masterpieces. Powell reuses found vintage envelopes as canvases for his detailed biro studies.
“I like to think that I am preserving a little bit of history in some small way as some of the envelopes date back to 1852, I feel that this adds extra character over that of a blank sheet of paper.” Explains Powell. See more of his incredible artworks for sale on



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Hannah Whitaker uses a variety of techniques from multiple exposures to shooting through cut-paper shapes to produce her large photographic prints. Based in Brooklyn, Whitaker likes to adopt a mathematical approach to her work with a touch of Gee’s Bend quilt patterns giving another dimension to her photographs. Nature and landscapes become illusions with their complexity where windows, mirrors and opaque objects play tricks with our eyes. Whitaker is contributing to a group exhibition at M+B organised by Phil Chang and Matthew Porter, Soft Tarket is on view from 26th June until August 30th 2014.


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We are big fans of German artist  Gerhard Richter here at Patternbank. His trademark smeared paintings mix colour and pattern in a unique and amazing style. In this post we’ve focused on Richter works that incorporate  paint and photos. This connects the photographic images, mostly snapshots taken by the artists himself, in a very immediate and physical way. Richter uses his paint laden squeegee to drag a colourful mixture across his photos creating a fascinating visual combination.  Check out the award winning short film explaining how Richter creates his stunning work – Gerhard Richter’s Window. You might also want to check out who have a very comprehensive amount of information on Gerhard.



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