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Martin C. Herbst is an Austrian painter, whose work focuses on an elaborate reevaluation of art historical themes and theories of classical portraiture and human figures. His “subjects” are individual but at the same time portray the best work of their epochs. The traditional intent to display the distinctive likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person is combined with witty and often unexpected forms of representation. They are distorted when painted on curved panels, but look “normal” if the viewer perceives them from a certain point of view. For more unique work check out his website.



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Born in Hermitage, Virginia in 1977, Dolan Geiman explores his American roots and rugged habitat to inspire his art, “I grew up on a farm, caught crickets and bailed hay, painted with mud, dug up civil war relics, listened to midnight mockingbirds. These are the ingredients of life that have stuck with me and have built the foundation for the artwork I set forth into the world.” These mixed media pieces are collaged together  using reclaimed wood, salvaged metal and vintage papers. Read more about the artist’s fascinating life and see more of his diverse collection of work here.



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In the final instalment of Paris Fashion Week S/S15 we feature some of the key designers on the catwalk, from the stunning underwater gardens and folk floral motifs as scarf prints at Valentino, to Tsumori Chisato’s whimsical take on fashion where summer is a fantasy of flowers and nature. Look out for Patternbanks up and coming S/S15 Catwalk Print & Pattern report which will bring together all the key print trends for the season ahead.

Valentino S/S 15

Underwater Sea Creatures – Psychedelic Floral Motifs – Graphic Scarf Prints – Elaborate Borders and Placement Prints – Floral Outlines – Oversize Prints

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Leonard S/S 15

Delicate Indigo Sketches – Floral Scatterings – Pastel and Crayon Texture – Expressive Linear – Beautiful Painted Chrysanthemums – Equisite Embroidery

Leonard photos via


Hermes S/S 15

African Looks – Perspective Geometrics – Tonal Colour – Blow Up Scarf Prints – Graphic Shapes – Solid and Linear Lines

Hermes photos via


Maison Martin Margiela S/S 15

Feminine Florals – Soft Botanical Handpaintings – Asymmetric Shapes – Japanese Prints – Daisy Chains – Simple Motifs

Maison Martin Margiela photos via


Tsumori Chisato S/S 15

Whimsical Painted Illustrations – Handsome Peacocks – Fantasy Florals – Naive Drawings – Unsteady Hand Qualities

Tsumori Chisato photos via


Sacai S/S 15

Bandana Paisley Prints – Micro Florals – Borders and Placement Prints – Spliced Florals – Breton Stripes – Lace Panels

Sacai photos via


Junya Watanabe S/S 15

Abstract Geometrics – Origami Folds – Graphic Geometry – Giacomo Balla Futurism – Bold Colour – Intersecting Circles

Junya Watanabe photos via


Kenzo S/S 15

Cut-out Mesh and Broderie Anglaise – Futuristic Abstracts – Subtle Graphic Shadings – Torn Shapes – Pin Stripes

Kenzo photos via


Viktor & Rolf S/S 15

Retro Flower Prints – Photographic  – Bold Outline – Subdued Colour – Ombre – Trompe L’oeil Pinched Plastic Prints

Viktor & Rolf photos via


Stella McCartney S/S 15

Flower Appliqué as Leopard Spots – Jigsaw Puzzle Animal Prints – Block Printed Pattern – Floral and Koi Carp Formations – Cut Out See-throughs

Stella McCartney photos via


Chanel S/S 15

Paint Splatters – Saturated Colour – Overscaled Watercolour Florals – Emile Nolde Style – Overpainted Tweed – Soft Focus

Chanel photos via


Andrew Gn S/S 15

Wave Movement – Bold Contrast – Simple Kimono Floral – Woven Checks – Painterly Texture – Solid Lines and Shapes

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Patternbank love the colour popping cut-outs of artist Maud Vantours. Vantours trained in design at the parisian school Duperré, specialising in textiles and material research. Using simple materials like paper and card Vantours sculpts in layer after layer using colour combinations that enhance her work and create wonderful patterns and graphics. Vandours has worked on some fabulous projects including Adidas’s ZX Flux trainer and Arjowiggins creative papers. Check out her website for more works of art.


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Jen Garrido developed her alter persona Jenny Pennywood in early 2008. The fine artist decided in order to keep her fine art separate from her graphic design business she would require another name. Working in her San Francisco studio Garrido focuses on the rhythms of nature for inspiration and her brush marks and paint splatters evolve to become pattern repeats after being scanned in and digitally compiled. See more from both creative personas here & here



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The Patternbank Team thought we would share the work of Mark Whalen, Australian born artist who is currently showing at the Melbourne Art Fair with blackartprojects. Based in Los Angeles, Whalen’s work depicts outer-space environments using geometric perspective, illustrating rituals and ancient cultures with strange characters that dance, contort and interact in unusual ways. Check out more of his work including beautiful ceramics at

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The Patternbank team are loving these vibrant crafted mandalas by South Carolina based artist Jay Mohler. Ojos de Dios also know as God’s Eyes which originates from Mexico and inspired by Huichol natives to protect people from evil. These colourful yarn mandalas make a impressive crafted statements and Mohler has mastered this art form. See more of his ojos and learn how to create them on his website here.



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The patternbank Team thought we would share the installation work of Cameron Gray which exhibited back in 2013 at the Miami Art Fair, presented by the Mike Wiess Gallery, Gray exhibited “Birth of a Legend”, an explosive riot of neon colour, state-of-the-art digital technology and hypnotic kitsch. The installation featured 27 stacked monitors looping a digital animation amongst other sculptures made of unrelated bric-a-brac and bursting with colour. Make of it what you will but we just love the sense of humour and chaos that collide to make these mind blowing images.


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Cotton picking in Hubbard Texas were the humble beginnings for painter Mark English. His inspiration to become an artist came from watching painters decorate the windows of local shops to advertise Rodeos and this seemed a much more enjoyable career choice than days spent in the fields. After teaching himself the basics Mark went on to the University of Texas and The Arts Centre Los Angeles and was finally awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Academy of Art, San Francisco. The Patternbank team love his collection of faceless portraits, where collages of fabric remnants are concealed within his painting to inject flashes of detail and pattern. See more here.



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Matt Lyon also known as C86 is a London-based artist and illustrator who loves to draw and doodle, creating wild shapes and patterns in vivid tropical colour. Lyon is a master of typography directly working with pen on paper where he captures the shapes and letterforms and then adds tonal colour from dark to light. The inspiration for many of his magical and playful fantasy lands where patterns and shapes emerge from allover, range from an interest in art and culture, including Folk Art, Paul Klee, Jean Dubuffet and illustrators, Jim Flora, Heinz Edelmann and David Klein. Lyon has worked for Nike, AOL, AT&T and Microsoft and his designs have been widely seen in books, magazines and wall spaces. See more at


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Its hard to believe that a super successful business woman such as Lulu deKwaitkowski has time in her busy life running her textiles, interiors and lifestyle shops, to fit in her painting. But this vibrant collection of works are the product of her travels around the world. Studying fine art and interior design in her home city of New York, Lulu relocated to Paris to study tromp l’oeil which later she transferred to fabrics. Lulu says “Whether I am traveling or at home in my backyard, my eyes are constantly seeking the colour, uniqueness, and originality of my surroundings. I paint to capture moments where life has jumped out at me, bringing inspiration to my sight and soul. Through these prints, I hope to be able to pass along the spirit of this inspiration to you” To see Lulu’s portfolio of original artworks and products, visit her website here.



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This is for all the creative minds in and around London this Summer. The Southbank Centre has launched ‘The Summer of Love Festival’ bringing together hundreds of artists, communities and partners. The festival, which celebrates the Same Sex Couple Act, features an exciting programme of free events, differently-themed weekends, performances, poetry, talks and pop-ups. The Thames-side site is also being transformed by several large-scale indoor and outdoor installations and artworks. Time to get all loved up and go! For more details and how to find it visit the website here.




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Patternbank love the vibrantly colourful paintings and prints by Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. Milhazes is well known for her work which draws on both Latin American and European Traditions. A first major retrospective of her large-scale abstract paintings inspired by Brazilian and European Modernism, Baroque forms, popular culture, and the decorations of Carnival is on show from Sept 19th 2014 – Jan 18th 2015 at Pérez Art Museum Miami.


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The Patternbank team are loving the expressive illustrations of Spanish artist Diego Marmolejo. Barcelona based illustrator Marmolejo describes himself as ‘a normal person who draws weird stuff, I talk with my fingers’. We love his beautiful illustrations which combine strong colour, floral pattern and strange goings on – amazing stuff. Check out more of his playful artworks on his site



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Patternbank love the intricate drawing style of Japanese artist and painter Maki Ohkojima. Ohkojima creates these stunning murals which feature beautiful creatures and plant life with small areas painted in colour detail, whilst beyond, the drawing is kept black and white. This Ohkojima says is her way of illustrating how we record a beautiful landscape with a camera but without capturing the scene in it’s entirety. Ohkojima extends the picture by going beyond the captured image and drawing with her sprawling murals. Ohkojima has also painted murals for the Wall Art Festival in Ganjad Village, Mandir, India. See more of her uplifting work on her website


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Patternbank stumbled across these fantastic patterns whilst sifting through the wonder to be found on tumblr, which by the way Robert Nendza who created these works has a fantastic feed, check out here. Nendza began making abstract art on computers in the mid 80’s and refers to himself as an artist and musician who works in technology and marketing. The composition, form, line, pattern and colour found in his work has a quality that echoes that seen in graffiti and urban street art which we just love, you can see more of his creations at


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While scientists build mathematical models to better explain the mechanistic structure of the universe, musician and new media artist Michael Theodore builds models in software and hardware to better explore the perceptual sensations. Using various media, Theodore creates dynamic fields of color, light, and sound that are inspired by observation and experiences in the natural world. For more check out the David B Smith Gallery.


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