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David Ernst - Crazy Crosshatching 01

Check out these awesome drawings by David Ernst, we just love the way he can transform any picture with his painstakingly intricate cross hatching to create a new and completely different illustration. We’re also loving his diverse subject matter of seemingly totally random images which keeps his work very fresh. For more amazing work from this talented guy check out his Tumblr.

David Ernst - Crazy Crosshatching 02

David Ernst - Crazy Crosshatching 03


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Ryan Tippery - Formel 01

Ryan Tippery is a visual artist / designer based in Chicago. From his site he explains: “The Formel series marries itself with the Informel group. The latter has an emphasis on expression, intuition and spontaneity. Formel is taking that intuitive expression and confining it graphically to show a level of control and composition that the informel paintings rebel against. Continuing the same ideas behind the Informel paintings, this series seeks to translate unconscious thought processes into a visual realm.” Check out more of Ryan’s creations here.

Ryan Tippery - Formel 02

Ryan Tippery - Formel 03

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Printmaker and artist Ouida Touchón originally studied painting at The Kansas City Art Institute and gained a BA in Studio Arts at the University of Missouri. Her printmaking evolved through her studies with mentors and distinguished printmakers and painters in Italy, Mexico and the United States. Ouida now teaches her craft to others and runs classes from her studio aimed at empowering women to find creativity through art making. See more of Ouida’s creative talents by visiting her website here.



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Phillip David Stearns - Deconstruction, Reconfiguration & Extension 02

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Stearns’s work is centered on the use of electronic technologies and electronic media to explore dynamic relationships between ideas and material as mobilized within complex and interconnected societies. Deconstruction, reconfiguration, and extension are key methodologies and techniques employed in the production of works that range from audio visual performances, electronic sculptures, light and sound installation, digital textiles, and other oddities both digital and material. For more amazing work, visit his website.

Phillip David Stearns - Deconstruction, Reconfiguration & Extension 03

Phillip David Stearns - Deconstruction, Reconfiguration & Extension 06

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Jason_Middlebrook_Painted _Wooden_Planks_02

Patternbank loves the work of Michigan born artist and sculptor Jason Middlebrook. His captivating geometric paintings on slices of tree trunk give the surreal effect of a contemporary, abstract grain. The artist says,”No matter what I paint on those planks, I have to take into account that the tree did so much more work than what I did. The tree lived for a hundred years, and it compressed all that time into the grain. Every time I do a plank painting, I’m trying to respect nature, but also create my own parking lot, my own highway. I think that’s what the planks are about, trying to draw attention to the tree, draw attention to the form, and then delicately make a statement with my hand. Because the tree is the narrative.” See Jason’s website here. 

Jason_Middlebrook_Painted _Wooden_Planks_03

Jason_Middlebrook_Painted _Wooden_Planks_05

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Philip’s landscape paintings are derived from sites that are both visually compelling and charged with implications of use, development and ownership. The conditions of the landscape including light, color, texture and atmosphere give meaning to place. The transformation of land and sky through industry and enterprise may be deliberate, or simply the unintended consequence of the human impact on a fragile environment. For more, visit Philip’s website.


Philip Govedare - Complex Landscapes 02

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Indulge your senses and immerse yourself in Sayuri Sasaki Hemann’s magical underworld. This etherial collection of stitched and embroidered sea creatures capture the delicate detail of the real thing. Sayer says, “I am most inspired by the way light reflects on each medium, threads and fibers, everchanging underwater sea creatures, and vivid colors of life.” These animals are made out of felt and coloured organza and are suspended from the ceiling to create an installation of teaming marine life. Urban Aquarium is currently on show at Contemporary Art Center of Peoria until Aug 21st. If can’t make it see more from Sayuri here.




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Morgana Wallace mixes watercolour with paper collage to create these colourful three-dimentional illustrations using layers of cut paper to build on her mythical stories. Wallace is a mixed media artist based in Victoria, Canada where she puts together mythological scenes telling stories in texture, colour and beautiful detail. You can follow her work on her blog here and on instagram.



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Theses textural and sculptural artworks are the creations of textile artist Chung Im Kim. Born in Korea, Chung relocated to Canada back in 1990, here she set up work in her Harbourfront Centre textile studio in Cooktown, Ontario. Chung likes to use the patterns in organic plant structures combined with the sturdy characteristics of felt to create her textural art works, Chung say’s, ‘Mother nature produces seemingly complex and yet ultimately ‘simple’ solutions to form living things, creating uniqueness and efficiency.  I hope to conjure a sense of the refined energy that nature demonstrates and the awesome ability of continuous renewal’. Visit Chung’s website to see how these pieces are created and check out her other projects.



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Patternbank love the abstract geometric panels that artist Revok creates from his studio in Los Angeles. Using vibrant colours Revok puts together striking patterns using found materials sourced from abandoned homes, schools, businesses and churches, sampling bits and pieces of people’s lives, hopes, dreams and aspirations, reinterpreted through rich decay and age-worn patina. Born in 1977 in Riverside, California, Revok (Jason Williams) is respected for decades of influential and pioneering work as a graffiti writer. Check out more of his work at



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Patternbank are loving the work of L.A. based artist Jonas Wood. His successful mix of modernist style and vibrant pop art gives his paintings an edgy naivety. A master of the still life, his recent collection of solitary potted tropicals, referred to as ‘Landscape Pots’ have an intriguing combination of simplistic foliage, enhanced by complex landscape decorating each pot. See more here.



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Patternbank brings you a snapshot of the key prints seen at the recent London Graduate Fashion week, which took part over four days at East London’s Truman Brewery. Celebrating the work of more than 1,000 of the finest BA degree Fashion students from 40 Universities across the UK and overseas, Graduate Fashion Week is the ultimate event for spotting the next wave of creative talent to hit the industry.

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool_John_Moores_Graduate_fashion_week_print_trends_2015 – Photos via Vogue


Arts University Bournemouth

Arts_University_Bournemouth_Graduate_fashion_week_print_trends – Photos via Vogue


UCA Epsom

UCA_Epsom_Graduate_fashion_week_print_trends – Photos via Vogue


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The Patternbank team returned to Bovey Tracey in Devon for The Contemporary Craft Festival 5-7 June 2015. This year the festival picked up 2 Gold Best Event awards in Devon and Silver for South West Tourism Event of the Year. The Contemporary Craft Festival is one of the UK’s largest craft events with over 200 diverse and talented makers of ceramics, textiles, mixed media, jewellery, glass and furniture. Here are some of our favourites from the day.

Katrin Moye


Working with ceramics and paper Katrin Moye focuses on surface decoration, with patterns referencing personal memories, literature, family history and folk art. In particular her childhood memories of Germany in 1970’s with references to her German family roots and Scandinavian style influences from her Danish godmother.

Bryony Rose


Bryony Rose creates whimsical animals sculpted from beautiful vintage fabrics adding details in lace and decorative buttons. We particularly love her playful mice balanced on old cotton reels, so pretty.

Ella Robinson


Unique, vibrant and decorative would best describe Ella Robinson’s one of pieces of driftwood and washed-up artefacts collected from the south coast of England. Driftwood is made interesting with stitched patterns, cacti imagery and wrapped in brilliant striped threads.

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Maxim Santalov - Russian Abstraction 001

Maxim started drawing after school in Moscow while waiting for his grandmother to finish work in the hairdressers, he created small intricate artworks on the magazine covers. This developed into a daily ritual and a serious passion. The No Man’s Art Gallery in Amsterdam picked up on Maxim’s work and organised for him to come over to Amsterdam and work in their gallery for a month. You can find more of Santalov’s amazing work over on the No Man’s Art Gallery site.

Maxim Santalov - Russian Abstraction 002


Maxim Santalov - Russian Abstraction 003

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Franklin Evans was born in Reno, Nevada in 1967. He studied art and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University in 1989 and his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa in 1993. Much of his work is a build up of paint and collage, a layering of colour and imagery reminiscent of a studio wall where the paintings are created. His current exhibition Headandhandinhand is currently showing at FL Gallery Milan until 4th September ’15, to see more of Franklin’s work visit his website here.



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A combination of Japanese Manga and the sophisticated fluidity of Art Nouveau are the inspiration behind the work of artist Audrey Kawasaki. The technical precision in Audrey’s technique creates sharp graphic imagery and combined with the use of wooden panels as a base, gives her work texture and depth. Patternbank loves her ability to capture emotion, with her adolescent subjects exuding innocence and eroticism, all set in a frame of typically Japanese imagery. See more on Audrey’s website.



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Activewear and performance apparel has become a driving force for many print and pattern trends happening at the moment. Patternbank are loving these latest offerings from the man of the moment Pharrell Williams and iconic sports brand Adidas. The collaboration named the ’Jacquard Pack’ uses embroidered floral patterns in two lavish colour combinations. Classic Stan Smith trainers and a unisex jacket are brought to life with the sophisticated pattern fusion of street and luxury.  The Pharrell Williams x  Adidas Originals collection will be available on May 30 in Adidas Originals Flagship Stores and selected Adidas boutiques.



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When viewing some of the exquisite photography of Erik Madigan Heck its almost impossible to decide …. is it a photograph, or a painting?  The photographer and filmmaker has captured some of fashion’s most eye-catching and intriguing imagery. Working with clients such as Thom Browne, Mary Katrantzou and Harpers he has used his talent to create drama and beauty with his lens, transforming advertising images into art.  With pattern and colour spilling from the canvas, or textural monochrome testing your perception his work is captivating, and a feast for the eyes. See more of Erik’s projects on his website here.




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We have 2 versions of our complete Spring/Summer 2016 Print Trend Report 3 x PDF Bundle. The PDF only version contains our Spring/Summer 2016 Print Trend Reports Part 1 & 2 plus the Première Vision Spring/Summer 2016 Print Trend Report at a great value price of £100, a saving of £50 if you were to buy all 3 separately.

Then we have a version that contains all of the above plus 128 exclusive royalty-free Stock designs expertly curated from the Patternbank Studio. This is priced at £300 which is a massive saving of over £3,000 compared to buying 128 Stock designs from the Studio. So if you are looking for lots of on-trend, directional prints at a great price for the Spring/Summer 2016 season then this is for you.

  • 24 key print trends for Spring/Summer 2016

  • Over 120 pages of inspirational print forecast intelligence

  • Over 300 on trend hand-picked colour images

  • Seasonal print mood & print direction pages for each trend

  • Colour breakdowns for each print trend with TCX Pantone references


Patternbank Textile Design Studio Version with 128 Stock Designs


In addition to the PDF Only version you get 128 hand-picked textile designs from some of the amazingly talented designers on the Patternbank Studio. Each design is chosen to fit perfectly with one of our 16 strong directional print trend stories.

Included in the Patternbank Studio version:

  • All of the above from the PDF only version plus

  • 128 hi-res hand picked ready to use images (8 prints per trend story) from the Patternbank Studio

  • Expanded PDF with linked thumbnails of all 128 textile designs


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Patternbank have just returned form the recent Pulse London event where designers and brands show their latest products to the industry. Held at it’s new home of Olympia the show is an irresistible source for stand-out homeware and design. In particular the Launchpad area showcases new and emerging talent offering their latest design collections. Here are our show highlights of the strongest and most directional designers beginning with some key trends that we spotted at the show.

Trade show info – Pulse,  Olympia, London 110-12th May 2015



Charles of Lloyd / Disaster Designs / Jessica Russell Flint / Kris Tate for Bespo




Disaster Designs/ Paige Cartledge / Jacqueline Colley / Jen Rowland

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