Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_09

Patternbank are loving the playful geometric work of German designer Ruben Fischer. Bold colour and striking graphic layouts appear throughout Fischer’s fresh modern artworks. Stripes, simple shapes, scribbles, graphic key lines and graph paper are taken through an abstract process to create some captivating visual statements. Fischer recently graduated from  HfG Offenbach University of Art & Design and is currently working at Hort creative studios in Berlin. See more of his work on his tumblr –

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_10

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_04

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_14


Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_13

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_12

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_11

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_06

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_16

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_15


Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_18


Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_17

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_05

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