The strive for perfection is clearly evident in Rene Rickabaugh’s Paintings. Known throughout the Northwest of America for his “molecular” images of flowers and birds, the Portland painter draws the eye into a world of precision, colour and mystery suggestive of folk art from Mexico, the Middle East or India. Looking at the paintings it’s hard to believe a humans hand could of made such small and numerous delicate marks. Even more staggering is that he paints in water-colour. Rickabaugh achieves his perfect, static precision by applying layers of varnish or epoxy over paint, which seals the paint onto the paper. Rickabaugh studied ballet once and its contrasts of effort and grace. A dancer strives to give the impression of lightness and ease while working like a ditch-digger. The audience must not see her sweat. Such comparisons with his Art make you realise the sheer determination he strives in pursuit of perfection. We think he has achieved it!  See more at and at


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