Patternbank have been noticing a lot of painted body art in various forms from Tattoo Styles, Eastern Influences, Wallpaper Camouflage and Henna Patterns. We thought we would share our favourites with you.  Artist Yasmina Alaoui and photographer Marco Guerra in their life-sized photographic series “one thousand and one dreams”, statuesque bodies appear frozen in time, covered from head to toe in meticulously detailed, contemporary Arabic Henna patterns. These are created with a black and white nude photograph by Guerra then layers of Alaoui’s complex ink drawings are then fused with the portrait, with breathtaking results.

Artist Kimiko Yoshida transforms herself into various representations of herself and others in several series of self portraits by painting herself and then photographing it. Here we show her writing series with Henna patterns.

Heartbox on flickr

Huang Yan is a Chinese painter who in 1999 began a series of paintings-photographs entitled Chinese Landscapes – landscapes painted on the skin of a human body. The skin becomes a piece of paper as Huang Yan paints his subject, leading us to question whether the subject of his work is the body or the painting.

Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes‘ experiments with her own body by painting floral wallpaper designs on herself and blending with the background.

Min Jeong Seo has used moulds taken from professional ballet dancers arms and made casts of porcelain. The porcelain arms in dancing positions are painted with Japanese Yakuza-style tattoo patterns. Like a real tattoo that lies under the skin the painted patterns lie under the porcelain glaze.


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