Astrocyte took place at the Design Exchange’s EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation, and Technology from September 28 to October 8, 2017. The 10 day festival presented to thousands of visitors the ground-breaking innovations that take the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals to heart, sparking conversations about the future of design. Astrocyte is part of the larger scope of work of the Living Architecture Systems: a research cluster that combines art, architecture, engineering, and science into experiential test-beds, hoping to address questions about the future of built environments – Can architecture integrate living functions? Could future buildings think, and care? And how can we design living architecture that enhances the ways in which we interact with the environment and with each other? To find out more about Astrocyte and its creator, artist and architect Philip Beesley visit Philip Beesley Architect Inc.

All Images © Philip Beesley and Alex Willms / PBAI 2018


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