Hauntingly beautiful, these ‘photo-sculptures’ by Maurizio Anzeri decorate vintage photographs in such a way that the viewer is drawn into another dimension. Embroidery in silky shimmering threads is stitched like a veil over shadowy faces from another time and place. Maurizio finds inspiration from many diverse fields, from theatre, to a tribe in Papua New Guinea or Versace. Likewise Art history and particularly the Surrealist movement is very important to his work. In his words, “It’s all been done before but it’s never been done by you: if you don’t look into the past there is no chance to go into the future.” For more on Maurizio’s incredible works visit saatchi-gallery.co.uk and his very brilliant collaboration with photographer Richard Burbridge and stylist Robbie Spencer for Dazed and Confused at dazedigital.com.


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