Typographical trends and styling are an ever-changing creative language. Patternbank loved Dries Van Noten’s recent colourful collaboration with artists Letman and Gijs Freiling.

Dries Van Noten’s F/W men’s 2012 runway show was turned into a working mural art piece. Letman and Gijs Freiling interpreting Van Noten’s “psychedelic elegance” collection with a mix of eye-catching typography, surreal illustrations and acid-bright colourful patterns.

The Letman’s experimental type is a mix of hand painted decorative expression and vivid brights hues. A strong typographical style that we feel is a new typographical trend emerging for 2012. If your interested in more type inspiration check out some of Letman(aka Job Wouters) fonts on myfonts.com 

Catwalk Images via thesartorialist 




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