‘Black pattern watercolours’ are the mixed media exploration of physical pattern boundaries by Seattle based artist Julie Alpert. Patternbank are loving Julie’s playful studies of individual pattern and the relationship between their outer boundaries. Mixing watercolour, ink and permanent marker these beautifully created works are of great inspiration. If you happen to be in Seattle over the next couple of days we recommend dropping by Soil Art gallery where Julie is exhibiting until the 27th April.



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Successful Animator, Illustrator and Textile designer Monika Forsberg has caught the eye of Patternbank this week. Originally from Lulea in northern Sweden, Monika moved to London to study at Camberwell School of Art and went on to gain a BA (hons) in Illustration at the University of Westminster and an MA (RCA) in Animation at the Royal College of Art. Patternbank were particularly attracted to her designs in coloured pen and her pattern rich illustrations, we love the naive quality of her pen work and the way her images take the eye on a journey, through a fantasy land of pattern and form. Monika’s website is currently being overhauled but if you want to see more, her latest project is an Animated Short for Channel 4, as part of their ‘Random Acts’, to be screened in April.



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Texprint award winner 2012, Ying Wu has achieved an enviable portfolio since her foundation at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2007. After gaining an MA in Textile Print at the Royal College of Art (RCA), Ying was selected for the Texprint program. Exhibiting at various shows including INDIGO Premier Vision with Texprint, Ying had already secured a work placement at Alexander McQueen during her time at the RCA and spent time working for Liberty’s Art Fabric design department. Patternbank love her intricate attention to detail, and the imagination which oozes from her designs. Visit Alotofpatterns for a deeper delve into her work.




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Stockholm based print designer Hannah Waldron exhibits a strong sense of pattern and structure in her prints, and more recently has embraced weave, translating her signature style into structured textiles. With an enviable list of commissions in her portfolio including a tapestry commission for PICK ME UP 2012, and various projects for the V&A, Pizza Express and Paul Smith to name but a few, Hannah’s success is abundant. Patternbank love her stylised approach to pattern, building images with simple lines and blocks. Hannah’s ‘Furoshiki‘ (a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that were frequently used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods) are available to buy, with 10% of sales  going towards recovery efforts in Tohoku, specifically to rebuild a sewing factory where Furoshikis are made.



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Accomplished, Massachusetts based artist and horticulturalist Michelle Morin, paints her subjects with a naive simplicity which gives her work a wonderful patterned quality. With many years spent designing gardens, Michelle has developed an in-depth knowledge of her subject matter and is able to convey the complexities of the flora and fauna with her application of watercolour and gouache. See more of Michelle’s beautiful work on her website.




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Berlin based Artist/ Illustrater Amrei Hofstätter is a self admitted Origami obsessive. The Japanese paper art is evident in her work, adding the charateristic shapes and dimension. The idea of misbalance and imperfection serves as inspiration, and her interest in Freud’s idea of the ‘uncanny’ and the human psyche, fuel her desire to create a feeling of irritation within the viewer, evoking something inside they were not yet aware of. Patternbank loved fashion designer Manish Arora’s heavily embellished, futuristic collection Amrei collaborated with in A/W 11/12. Visit her website to see more.



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Argentinian artist and illustrator Estela A. Cuadro allows her love of music to help her become introspective and find inspiration from within.Estella feels it nourishes her imagination and motivates creativity. Drawing became an important part of her life as young as five, and her parents encouraged her to take influence from other painters and artists. After graduating from a graphic design course at the University of Buenos Aires, Estela took up illustration professionally. Her mentor Silvia Mato has helped her to discover a sensual side of her creativity and how to develop an energy within her work. Patternbank love Estela’s use of colour bleeding and sweeping lines which create movement and character. To see Estella’s extensive portfolio of art and publications visit her website.



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With Christmas almost upon us, the Patternbank team thought we’d share these festive illustrations by Finnish designer Klaus Haapaniemi. Artist Klaus Haapaniemi and designer Mia Wallenius founded their design studio together back in January 2010. Their design approach is influenced by nature, Finnish folklore, fantasy and traditional decorative arts with a modern twist. Feast your eyes on their stunning creations.

The Patternbank team wish you all a Happy Christmas and fantastic new year !



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Nathalie du Pasquier is a founding member of The Memphis Group which was an influential Italian design and architecture group. In the period from 1981 – 1987 they designed Post Modern furniture, fabrics, ceramics, glass and metal objects. When the band broke in 1987 she devoted herself almost exclusively to painting. To find out much more about this groundbreaking designer visit her website. To see some of the incredible work by the Memphis Group check out this Flickr Page.


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Patternbank would love to share these wonderful designs from freelance textile designer Amelia Graham. Since graduating from Chelsea College of Art she has successfully worked with clients including Anthropologie, BCBG Max Azria, Calvin Klein, DKNY, DVF, H&M, Paul & Joe and Topshop. During that time she has lived in Paris and now lives and works in London. Her design work shows a great love and interest in architecture, science and nature. Take a look at more of her beautiful prints at ameliagraham.com and society6.com where her designs can be bought on various products and on pinterest where her inspirations are collected.


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Artist and illustrator Petra Börner was introduced to a career in design as an assistant in an animation and illustration studio. After studying Fashion in London, Börner went on to launch her own fashion label, Rosetta but was ultimately drawn back to her true passion of illustration, and has gone on to produce designs ranging from crockery and fabrics to book covers and gift wrap. This Swedish born, London based designer has retained her Nordic roots and its influence is characteristic in her art. See more from Petra Börner at her website. 

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Botanical Layers is the creative brainchild of Masha Reva and Syndicate. The collection juxtapositions immersion in the rapid pace of contemporary life, gadgets and social networks with a yearning for our natural environment, explored as a metaphorical botanical garden of Photoshop layers and loading bars. Check out their websites for more – Mesha Reva and Syndicate. Amazing!


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Anna Niestroj aka Blink Blink is part of the Berlin Handmade and DIY scene, she was born in Poland and bought up in Germany. She creates these beautiful handmade patterns with a beautiful mix of bright colours, lines, shapes and textures from her studio in Berlin. She also runs her own very interesting blog, go check out more of her excellent work on Flickr.


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Patternbank are loving Huang Qi Lin’s geometry and mathematical fueled visual structures. These mesmerizing artworks explore  the scientific beauty of maths through typography and linear form. The ‘Eureka’ branding project for Elaine Wong includes three sections:  Eureka Ornament, Eureka Pattern &  Eureka Type. Check out more of Huang Qi Lin’s work at the Chinese Designers Union CDA.

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“A longing for excitement can be satisfied without external means within oneself: For creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know.” – This a quote from the legendary and possibly best known textile designer of the 20th century – Anni Albers. To find out more about her groundbreaking work at The Bauhaus in the 1920’s check out her Wiki Page. We’re really feeling this look at the moment for Autumn/Winter 2013/14 print trends, check out our preview here The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation.


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Patternbank love these rugs by CC-Tapis, innotative in their design and colour they push the limits in their experimentation. CC-Tapis was created in 2001 by the Maison Chamszadeh, known in France for more than 40 years for the quality of its traditional carpets. A substantial number of the designs are produced using only vegetable dyes with 1200 different colours available. Different finishings are also possible such as loop, embossing or different heights of pile. The rugs from the Signature Collection are designed by a new generation of artists and designers. Check out their full collection at cc-tapis.com


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Artist, designer and set designer, Cilla Ramnek has worked on many commissions from stunning floor coverings made of glass mosaics to creating artworks for various cafes and restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden. We love the way she mixes pattern and colour, experimenting with scale with references to traditional folk wear, fair isle and knitwear patterns but with a modern twist. You may also recognise her work for Ikea with her skill for pattern making commissioned for rug and fabric designs. Her talents don’t end there with a couple of publications on interiors and craft and knitwear designs. Check out all her achievements at cillaramnek.com


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LA based artist Hadley Holliday has created these intricate paintings that, similar to their name sake Warp and Weft, appear to weave in and out of each other in a hypnotic Kaleidoscope of pattern. Just like looking through a Kaleidoscope itself the colours and patterns appear to ripple and reflect with each other. Holliday says, “The circles create the effect of overlapping lenses, with each section in the pattern creating it’s own depth of field. The overall effect is simultaneously unified and fractured. I use paint very fluidly and pour the colour into the shapes, or work wet on wet. The paintings look very different when dry, so the results are a bit of a surprise…the work always looks very different outside the studio.” We love her use of Indigo blue in this series and you can see more at hadleyholliday.com


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