James Denmark was born in Winter Haven, Florida in 1936 where he found inspiration from his grandmother, a wire sculptor and quilt artist and his grandfather, a bricklayer noted for his unique custom design moulds. From a young age he was exposed to colour and form which later gave him the strengths found in his work. Experimenting with collage using brightly hand coloured papers, fabrics and objects his compositions are free, capturing the spirit found in everyday life. At seventy-plus his work is still sort after by galleries and collectors worldwide most notably the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Stockholm’s Absolute collection. Patternbank are smitten with his style for using patterned papers in an eclectic mix of shapes and textures.


M32613-2 001

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Time is running out to visit The Fabric of India, a fabulous exhibition at The Victoria Albert Museum which ends on 10th January 2016. The exhibition was highlighted by Vogue as a must-see and we would agree, if your a fan of Indian textiles like The Patternbank Team then you won’t be disappointed. With around 200 objects many being brought out of storage for the first time and the first major exhibition to explore the dynamic and multifaceted world of handmade textiles from India, spanning from the 3rd century to the present day this truly is a gem of India’s rich textile tradition. Particularly interesting and beautiful were some of the more utilitarian fabrics that show the sheer brilliance of India’s craftspeople. The exhibition is organised by curators Rosemary Crill and Divia Patel. Go check it out and the V&A is always a delight in itself.



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The decorative work of Robert Kushner has attracted our attention recently. No newcomer to the art scene, Kushner has been exhibiting his work since the 1970’s. His more recent work introduces the use of geometricized pattern which backs his flower paintings, highlighting and contrasting the floral elements. Most the these patterns are inspired by traditional tribal embroideries from Uzbekistan and are sometimes beautifully applied using gold, silver and patinted copper leaf. See more of his portfolio here.


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Patternbank are loving the work of artist Minwoo Sung where the artist defines her subject by covering it in a natural camouflage of delicate foliage. Each painting shows the fragility of the human figure and at the same time captures a sensitivity whereby what lies beneath our outer layers is a beauty far deeper. Patternbank love the way she has used the veins in the leaves like veins in the human body connecting and travelling around the image. The solid black backgrounds make a stark contrast to this with the use of intense colours of blue, red and pink. Check out more of her sensual work at ablefineartny.com



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The wonderful use of denim in these urban landscapes by Korean artist Choi So Young caught Patternbank’s eye this week. The way that Choi So Young puts to use second hand jeans using their pockets, seams, belt loops and buttons, which then become the windows, streets and buildings of her landscapes is like a painting in itself. Particularly clever is the different shades of blue, bleached denim and reverse of the fabric that feature in her pictures, usually of her hometown Busan. Some of her works have already fetched staggering prices at auction of over 2 million dollars and been sold by international auction house Christie’s. Patternbank love this idea of re-using items no longer needed and giving them a new and unexpected use. Already ideas similar to this are featuring in products for interiors where recycling something old and creating something new is a big trend. Check out more of her incredible artworks at artnet.com




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Patternbank are loving the creative work of Chilean artist Sebastian Vargas. After studying art at the Finis Terrae University of Chile and graduating with a degree in printing and sculpture in 2002 Vargas has flourished as a experimental artist. Vargas explains “ I experiment with a wide range of styles, subjects, materials, and mediums, producing a vast body of work that is consistently experimental and artistically diverse. This is also evident in each of my paintings through the accumulation of an array of different technics within one canvas. My paintings hold a constant dialogue between graphics, painting, and photograph.”  See more of Vargas amazing creative explorations on his site tanvargas.com



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After receiving a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and without an income, stitch artist Sarah K. Benning decided to set up shop on Etsy, in an effort to get by. This move into self employment has paid off with her business going from strength to strength. The Baltimore born artist now resides in sunny Menorca, Spain, where she spends her days meticulously filling embroidery rings with beautifully stitched plant life. See more of Sarah’s art and find out where she’ll be popping up next to peddle her wares, here.



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Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin - Seasonal Food Scans 01

Organized by month, Food Scans is a series that showcases the beauty and bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Just as produce picked at peak flavor requires very little adornment on the plate, such was the case with these pictures. Simply placed on the scanner, we’re able to see every curve, nook, and cranny in incredible detail — and mirrored images allow us to explore symmetry, natural beauty, and the way imperfections and inconsistencies often become the most breathtaking examples of nature’s artistry. Food Scans is a joint collaboration between Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin. Hargreaves + Levin.

Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin - Seasonal Food Scans 02


Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin - Seasonal Food Scans 03

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Sylvain Tremblay - Colour, Texture & Beauty 01

Sylvain Tremblay mixes fashion and nature into visually stimulating multi-media works. Tremblay received a BA in Anthropology at Montreal University and continued his studies at LaSalle College in Visual Presentation. Print designer by day and an autodidact painter by night, Tremblay explores colour, texture and beauty through collaged portraiture. Colliding the tangible and digital worlds, Tremblay works to take the inspiration found in nature, photography, and fashion to create artwork that immobilizes you with direct eye contact and slaps you with color.

Through a process that begins in the digital realm and ends with the directness of the artist’s hand in vivid mark-making, images are transformed into hypnotic, ephemeral works of art. The Montreal native establishes motion and depth through textures and colors spurned from nature and fashion to create an aesthetically intriguing interpretation of beauty. Sylvain is also a very talented Textile Designer and has a Seller account on the Patternbank Studio, go check his profile page here and also his website here.

Sylvain Tremblay - Colour, Texture & Beauty 02


Sylvain Tremblay - Colour, Texture & Beauty 03

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Kate is a Surface Pattern Designer who has recently completed the BA(Hons) Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design Programme at Leeds College of Art. Her practice employs an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary design processes to translate detailed pattern illustrations for a variety of print contexts. After winning her undergraduate student bursary award with The Textile Society, Kate went on to create her degree collection ‘Crafted Intricacy’ that combines hand drawn illustration with digital pattern making, laser engraving and traditional woodblock printing. Patternbank loves the intricacy of detail in these beautifully designed woodblocks together with the clever use of laser technology to give this historical craft a modern twist. See more of her work here.



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Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_09

Patternbank are loving the playful geometric work of German designer Ruben Fischer. Bold colour and striking graphic layouts appear throughout Fischer’s fresh modern artworks. Stripes, simple shapes, scribbles, graphic key lines and graph paper are taken through an abstract process to create some captivating visual statements. Fischer recently graduated from  HfG Offenbach University of Art & Design and is currently working at Hort creative studios in Berlin. See more of his work on his tumblr – rubenfischer.tumblr.com

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_10

Ruben_Fischer_ Geometric_Abstract_pattern_04

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These highly decorative and unmistakably unique ceramic tiles and patterned pots are the work of Brazilian artist and architect Calu Fontes. These pattern rich pieces are influenced by her family’s roots in the heart in the Bahia region of Brazil. With references to gods from the Afro-Brazilian region of Candomble, combined with flowers, fruits and stylised nature, Calu crams an elaborate collage of pattern and colour into each of her creations. See more of her work here.



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Jess Johnson’s drawing and installation practice is inspired by the speculative intersections between language, science fiction, culture and technology. In her drawings she depicts complex worlds that combine densely layered patterns, objects and figures within architectural settings.  Johnson’s drawings are often displayed within constructed environments that act as physical portals into her speculative worlds. Her recent experiments of translating her drawings into animated video have enabled her audiences the simulated experience of entering the hypnotic spaces depicted in her drawings. See more from Jess here.




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Patternbank are proud to announce our first VIP Trend event at Soho House, London. This free day will inspire and inform you on key print trends emerging for Spring/Summer 2017

TRENDS ROOM [10:30am(SOLD OUT) & 2:30pm(SOLD OUT) Trend sessions available]

SS17 – Print trend preview:  Neil Elliott, Trends Editor – Patternbank
SS17 – Colour & macro trends overview:  Jane Kellock – Unique Style Platform
SS16 – Catwalk print trend edit: Neil Elliott, Trends Editor – Patternbank

PRINT STUDIO ROOM [All day studio viewings]

We’ve partnered with some of London’s leading print studios who will be previewing a selection of their recent print collections. Purchase prints for your new collections and be informed of which print trends are hitting next season.Patternbank-SS17-Event-Studios

Whiston & Wright / Camila Frances Prints / Ink Design Studios / Cake Studios



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French artist Renaud Delorme creates these graphic portraits of modern day celebrities using a combination of clusterings of found objects and graphic paintings. Eclectic mixtures of miscellany from film reels to textile scraps are assembled in a multicolour backdrop completed with a screen of painted plexiglass, to see more of Renaud’s work visit the artist’s profile on Artnet here.



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The Patternbank team returned to Kensington Olympia once again for Top Drawer & Home‘s Autumn 2015 show. With a wealth of new and innovative designers on show in the Spotted at Top Drawer area, curated by the freelance writer and author Charlotte Abrahams, the show was as vibrant as ever. Top Draw’s Academy Masterclass showcased an impressive crowd of top entrepreneurs and business experts, from Wayne Hemingway, MBE to Patricia van der Akker from The Design Trust, not to mention Patternbank’s very own Trend Editor, Neil Elliott, all taking centre stage to inspire and innovate. Here’s a little taste of Patternbank’s Top picks from the show.


French illustrator and printmaker Hellomarine, now Uk based spends her time working on various projects balancing her time between commissioned work and personal projects. Her bold and colourful work has appealed to an impressive list of clients from Lacoste to The NY Times. See more on her website here



Super LdN was created by Steven after a 10 year stint as a retailer on portobello Road. These unique cards challenge the generic greeting card market with quirky elements and punky themes, each card is like a small work of art. See the full collection here.


Design and printmaking duo Orwell and Goode are based in the Scottish borders creating their individual collections of printed homewares from their studio in a converted stable block. Read more about their story and see their full range of products here

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Berlin illustrator and photographer Sarah Illenberger turned a recent six-week trip to Porto, Portugal into an extended work vacation using the tropical inspiration around her to create these vibrant images in a new series called Wonderplants. Armed with the basics of stickers and tape from local stationery and hardware stores Illenberger set to work to transform leaves from local botanical gardens. The results are beyond tropical, vivid colours contrast with more muted backgrounds, where beautiful shadows form in contrast to the foreground. Check out her online store for prints and unusual objects.



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This captivating mix of illustration and embroidery are the work of artist Aii Doknommeaw. Based in Thailand Aii originally worked in advertising, but decided to opt for the quiet life running embroidery workshops and inspiring others to grab a needle and get creative with thread. To see other projects Aii has been involved in and to have a peek at her students creations, visit her blog here.



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Patternbank love the bold illustrations by Edinburgh artist Dominic Kesterton, born and raised in York, Kesterton is a natural storyteller putting pen to paper with some wild imagination. Instantly recognisable Kesterton’s illustrations are bold and bright where line moves freely making plant filled worlds with amusing shapes. Kesterton’s projects include work for clients: Converse, Lazy Oaf, Nowbrow, Peckam Print Studio, Creative Edinburgh, Novation, Illustrated Mind, Harvest Skate Co and Outside Apparel. He also runs a risograph printing service and sell T-shirts independently through his online shop Half Joyed. Check out more of his work on his tumblr and instagram account.



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For Liberty’s 140th anniversary celebrations, textile artist Louise Gardiner was commissioned to create a giant embroidered quilt. With the title of ‘Steering the Lighthouse of Love’, this artwork used Victorian Maritime tattoos as its theme. Louise spent time researching historical maritime tattoos and was fascinated by their cheeky imagery and subversive nature. The quilt is on show in the haberdashery department of Liberty until next spring, see more here.



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