The Patternbank team are loving the expressive illustrations of Spanish artist Diego Marmolejo. Barcelona based illustrator Marmolejo describes himself as ‘a normal person who draws weird stuff, I talk with my fingers’. We love his beautiful illustrations which combine strong colour, floral pattern and strange goings on – amazing stuff. Check out more of his playful artworks on his site DiegoMarmolejo.com



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The Patternbank team were at Berlin fashion week to visit the European mega show Bread & Butter, as well as dropping into Premium, Seek and Bright. The shows were busy but not to capacity this season. Things all change next season with Bread & Butter moving to Barcelona for its January 2015 show. An Asian edition is also planned to launch next September giving a truly international flavour to Bread & Butter’s trade show presence.


Updated Tropicals, warped visuals and oddball conversations are still continuing to trend. New fresh print & graphics seen included weird botanicals and tie dye techniques, reworked vintage Hawaiian prints and reflective street graphics.


 Esclusivi , Element & RVCA,

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London based Art director and designer Yoni Alter has produced a collection of colourful cityscapes influenced by urban geometry and his love of shapes. All of these designs contain recognisable landmarks and iconic elements making each city uniquely recognisable. Yoni has produced work for a multitude of global publications, and his design advertising London Live went on tour through London in the shape of a bus. See more of Yoni’s artwork at his next exhibition @boxpark in Shorditch opening July 3rd, or catch more here.



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For color combinations, graphic layout and visual authenticity, finding an original vintage graphic reference is the key when designing new t’shirt graphics. This inspiring collection of old Roller Skate Rinks of North Amercia gives a great insight into the use of classic typography and stunning visual composition. Jordan Smiths Flickr collection is an amazing reference library of all sorts of retro memorabilia and definitely worth a look.



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Patternbank were at last weeks Pick Me Up graphic arts festival(24th April-5th May), the UK’s best annual contemporary graphic art fair at Somerset House, London. Now in it’s Fifth year the show has grown to be a great place to spot new and upcoming talent with original works and prints available to purchase.

Patternbank highlights the strongest Illustrators, graphic artists and studios seen at the festival this year.


Recent Graphic Design graduate from Central St Martins, Edward has already been championed by It’s Nice That and WRAP magazine. His highly original style combines bright colours, uniform width black outlines and a natural flair for creating narrative-rich imagery. edwardcarvalhomonaghan.co.uk



French-American illustrator and animator Jessica was born in Los Angeles and moved to France when she was 7 years old. She studied traditional animation techniques in Paris, where she now lives, and graduated in 2006. Since then she has worked on the TV adaption of French illustrator Marc Boutavant’s Mouk around the World as a character and prop designer, before establishing her studio in 2010. Inspired by children’s books and popular culture, her work is inhabited by colourful and quirky creatures.  jessicadas.com

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These beautiful posters have been developed for the Well of Hope Foundation whose main aim is to provide access to drinking water for the people of Africa. It is a series of eight works of dimensions 100×70 cm. Łukasz has taken decorative motifs from African tribal art to highlight the lack of clean drinking water. Check out more of the project on Behance.


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The studio of Dan Cassaro is a small design practice in Brooklyn, New York with a focus on type, lettering, logo design, and powerful 70s rock and roll. His works and projects have received accolades from the New Yorker, Fast Company, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Esquire and many major design and illustration publications. Check more of his graphic work on his website – Young Jerks.

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We already have lots of great print and pattern textile designers signed up, check a few of our favourites here:

Simonetta De Simone


Simonetta De Simone is an artist and illustrator. She graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. After her degree she cooperated with some advertising and communication agencies. Simonetta is currently working as a freelance illustrator and print designer. See Simonetta’s Exclusive Textile Print Designs Online.



Kamie Beckwith


Kamie is a textile print designer living and working in New York City. She loves the creative process behind every finished design – her work tends to be the product of an almost entirely experimental approach towards a very intentional outcome. The more “happy accidents” the better! See Kamie’s Exclusive Textile Print Designs Online.



Aina Martinez Snape


Graduate in Fine Arts – Barcelona – 1993-1998. Worked for more than ten years on textile fashion. Prints are mostly hand painted for digital prints where art and fashion complement each other. See Aina’s Original Print and Pattern Fashion Designs.





Hi, I love creating a variety of patterns, I am inspired by the nature, animals and geometric. See Velvetgoldmine’s Unique Print Designs.



Elena Mileva-Krasteva


I am textile and pattern designer. My artistic name is Akwaflorell. I like to experiment and to search new ways to express my ideas. I try to make different designs and to use a variety of techniques. See Elena’s Exclusive Textile Print Designs.



Eleny V Eksterman


Drawing inspiration from different sources and always bearing her signature Brazilian style, Eleny playfully mixes diverse influences and eras. Initially working from original sketches, she then adds various medium techniques to the final creation of her designs. See Eleny’s Unique Print and Pattern Textile Designs.



Stacey Canning Liddall


With over 7 years experience my work has focused on the commercial print markets of womens and teenage fashion with a little bit of stationery design thrown in. Currently own wedding stationery and logo design business and dabble in a bit of hand embroidery. See Stacey’s Original Textile Print Designs.



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The Patternbank team spotted these playful geometric pattern pieces and thought we’d share. Murmure is a creative agency that started in Caen in 2010 and specialises in strong visual identities in fields such as arts, culture, music and luxury. The agency is directed by two artistic directors (Julien Alirol and Paul Ressencourt) and aspires to produce and develop singular creative and aesthetic projects adapted to its clients’ desires. Patternbank love their use of bold optical pattern in everyday unexpected places. Enjoy more of their work here.



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The Patternbank team are loving these amazing collage statement pieces by UK artist Patrick Bremer. Bremer lives and works in Brighton, and has been awarded the De Laszlo Foundation award for his portraiture by The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. He received his BA in painting from Wimbledon School of Art in London. Pattern, texture and random imagery clash in these powerful artworks. See more of his work at his portfolio site patrickbremer.co.uk



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The Patternbank team stumbled upon these intricate type and pattern formations created by Dutch artist Hansje Van Halem. Halem graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2003 and now works as an independent graphic designer. She has great love for typography, book design and all other types of printed matter. We love Hansje’s pattern Sketchbook which is is a compilation of self generated, commissioned, applied, rejected and unfinished sketches, type drawings, experiments, patterns and failures made between 2003 and 2013.




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New wave pop art clashes with the urban landscape in these colourful artworks of Tristan Eaton. Based in Los Angeles Eaton career path includes graffiti artist, painter, illustrator, skater and toy designer. His work mixes many art techniques to create unique and bold modern day pop art statements. Easton’s early graffiti roots took him into toy design which lead him to be involved in the creation of KidRobot. Eaton quotes that his goal is to bring art to people who wouldn’t ordinarily have access. His company Thunderdog studios has already collaborated with an impressive selection of brands including Disney, Puma, Dell and Google.



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Jp King is a writer, designer and publisher from Toronto Canada, with a self confessed paper obsession. His love of paper manifests itself in collage and installation murals, and Jp also indulges his interest running ‘Paper Pusher’ an experimental Risograph print and design studio. This calendar is a result of one of his experiments, the combination of fluorescent pink ink with the simple lines of geometric shapes, creates an illusion of depth and dimension. Patternbank loves his use of half tones and the overlay of elementary shapes and lines creating stylish prints with a retro appeal. See more here.


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Wilmer Murillo is a Honduran graphic artist and illustrator currently living in Taiwan. Ancient cultures, mysticism, sci-fi and experimental electronic music are some of the things that inspire the imagery of Wilmer Murillo. Doodled lines, bright colors, and geometrical shapes are just some of the features he uses to bring his inner world to your eyes and mind. See more of his creative animal explorations at his site WilmerMurillo.com



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Patternbank are loving the work of artist Steven Lowery who is currently exhibiting in the Saatchi Gallery’s ‘Paper’ exhibition. This collection of drawings which he made between 2003 and 2004 are a clashing collection of quotations, advertising slogans, song lyrics and even a line from Tony Hancock’s suicide note: THINGS JUST WENT WRONG TOO MANY TIMES. Lowery attributes this creative psychedelic artwork to his “desperate dissatisfaction” with popular culture and the onslaught of “hate-fostering tabloids and listless reality TV”. This collision of words, pattern and colour can’t fail to arrest the eye and its content offers a banquet of food for thought.



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The legendary works of graphic artist Tadanori Yokoo have proved to be an inspiration for decades. With a current trend towards pop art, Yokoo’s posters offer a wealth of graphical inspiration and retro appeal. The rising sun motif which recurs throughout his body of work, was considered old-fashioned at the time, but has become emblematic of “Yokoo style” and an international symbol of Japanese pop art. Visit Yokoo’s website to see more of his more recent work and exhibitions.



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Hennie Haworth’s distinctive drawing style captures everyday objects and street scenes bringing them to life in brilliant colour. Haworth studied illustration at Brighton University and now lives and works in London. Looking through her growing portfolio with a client list including Habitat, Urban Outfitters, Elle Magazine, The Guardian, Penguin and more she shows just how versatile her drawing can be from illustrations for magazines, book covers and interior surface design. Check out her style at henniehaworth.co.uk


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Scott Albrecht is an Artist/Designer currently based in Brooklyn, New York and a member of The Gowanus Studio Space. A self taught woodworker, Albrecht not only specializes in hand drawn typography but translates his work into wood. His work has featured in numerous publications including Luxe Magazine and Stuck Up, and books such as ‘PEEL- The Art of the Sticker’ and ‘Live Now’ Patternbank loves Albrecht’s contemporary use of classic techniques in creating his simple but bold graphic style. See more here.



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Successful Graphic illustrator Holly Wales caught our inspiration eye this week with her retro, hand drawn imagery. Her stylish illustrations have an effortless quality, with an eye catching balance between graphic detail and figurative drawing. Holly divides her time between her career as an illustrator, working with clients such as The New York Times in which she illustrates a weekly column, The V&A, The Royal College of Art and Urban Outfitters, and traveling the country lecturing at colleges from Falmouth to Central St.Martins. See more from Holly here.



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Trent Call is a painter and illustrator who lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah. He believes in process, spontaneity, and action and his style and interests are varied, as are the mediums he uses. The medium foresees the style. The interest suggests the medium. The work combines formal academic painting and drawing with a strong interest in graffiti, comics, graphics, and pattern. Check more of his great work on his website.


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