The Patternbank team visited London’s Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park last weekend. The Affordable Art Fair’s formula is simple, yet unique: a relaxed, inspiring environment and lots of good quality contemporary art. In this post we give a quick snapshot of our favorite finds whilst walking the show. Check the website for dates and info on other global cities that the fair is visiting.

Maira Rivans (Liberty Gallery)

Jane Sampson (Liberty Gallery)

Jennifer Jokhoo (Greenwich Print Makers)

Emma Dunbar seen at Dundar Millais

Anna Raymond ( Cavaliero Finn Gallery)

Katherin Tromans (Curious Duke Gallery)

Kamion (Curious Duke Gallery)

Sue Young Lee (Curious Duke Gallery)

Jess Wilson (Jealous Gallery)

Amanda Marie (Jealous Gallery)

Rosie Irvine (Jealous Gallery)